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  1. WolfMan

    BinghamtonBill makes return to BCVoice

    Message deleted by me - Wolfy
  2. Welcome back sir!

  3. WolfMan

    Thanksgiving Buffets?

    Depends on the family situation. As you get older and/or family passes or moves on, preparing a traditional home Thankgiving meal for one or two makes little sense.
  4. WolfMan

    Thanksgiving Buffets?

    Just saw an ad from Jonathan's on Hooper Rd on their buffet on thanksgiving. $17.95. Opens at 11:30am. I'd post a picture of it if I could here.
  5. WolfMan

    Thanksgiving Buffets?

    Doesn't the Treadway (or whatever it's called now) in Owego still have a Thanksgiving special? I know my mom and I went there a few times in the late 90s or early 00s.
  6. Oh, I agree on the OP's point, but the one I pointed out is certainly of the area I mentioned.
  7. Well, they ain't all white. One is Pakistani or Bangladeshi. Perhaps India.
  8. WolfMan

    Another mass shooting - Texas

    This shit has gotten so bad the media is now categorizing mass shootings. Today's horror in Texas is being called "the worst *church* shooting in US history." So many we can now file them as Mall, Movie Theatre, Church, Nightclub, Concert, College etc. It's only going to get worse. :-(
  9. I recall that one, but I don't think I posted it.
  10. They do a split screen to talk between two reporters...yet they are literally just a few feet away from each other
  11. WolfMan

    Ulster County Democrat Fakes PTSD Over Traffic Stop.

    This is her govt bio https://ulstercountyny.gov/legislature/member/jennifer-schwartz-berky
  12. WolfMan

    Happy Birthday Hillary

    Hmm. Posted a year ago... I guess she made the wish AFTER blowing out the candles.
  13. WolfMan

    Over Reaction at SUNY

    Exactly. That's at least five more than he should, some would argue seven more than he should.
  14. WolfMan

    Brackney Inn fire

    The Mary's that is (was?) just off Upper Front on Castle Creek Road?