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  1. Here's the little rat bastard marching at a BLM rally, in Binghamton, shouting "fuck the police". This photo was captured by Michael Vasquez.
  2. Maverick

    Abels Pub- 30 Covid cases?

    So, the Stantz's demanded an employee take their mask off but a bartender has confirmed they can't wear a mask while working. I'm calling bullshit.
  3. Maverick

    BCVoice Poll: Cornwell or Levine?

    She is a gold digger and nothing more.
  4. Maverick

    OLUMS major layoffs??? 50 let go in last week?

    This is what happens when businesses, schools, you name it....get locked down and close. The economy suffers. There are a few in this very site that advocate for that and are probably celebrating the news of these people now being unemployed. You know who you are.
  5. Maverick

    No to schools opening!!!!

    How many hospitalizations are there you tool? Minimal would be the correct answer. And how much has the death toll gone up? It has NOT gone up a bit. Glad you get internet access from under your bed you candy ass.
  6. Maverick

    Shutdown 2.0

    https://www.gobroomecounty.com/hd/coronavirus#COVID-19 IN BROOME COUNTY The Broome Co. deaths are at 82 and have been at that number for quite some time.
  7. Maverick

    Shutdown 2.0

    There have been 82 COVID fatalities for quite some time and that number stands today. No businesses need to be shut down. Enough of this Nanny State garbage.
  8. Maverick

    Shutdown 2.0

    Hospitalizations are very low. The death toll hasn't moved in a very long time. Sure, lets kill the economy further! Flatten the curve 2.0.
  9. Maverick

    Abels Pub- 30 Covid cases?

    How are Abel's and the Union not complying? Do we know it wasn't a customer or two that went in and spread it while the staff at both places were in compliance? Seriously, I am asking and would like to know because it sounds like a few of you seem to know exactly what has happened at both these places.
  10. Maverick

    George Phillips

    Do 90% of the people out there even know who George Phillips is? From what I remember about him the last election year campaign, he was trying to put his nose up Bijoy Datta's ass by spreading false information concerning the Michael Korchak campaign.
  11. Who's next? Gerald Mollen?
  12. Maverick

    GOP FAILURE: Bijoy Datta loses lease at Broome GOP HQ

    Fred Akshar. It says everything about this community that this clown is the best we have to offer. He and Datta deserve each other.
  13. It was a stupid protest with filthy people blocking traffic.
  14. Maverick

    Sophia Bergman eyeing Family Court Judge seat in 2021

    Sacco is a good guy.
  15. Maverick

    Sophia Bergman eyeing Family Court Judge seat in 2021

    Black Lives Matter will back her campaign.