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  1. Maverick

    Roderick Douglass

    Not that I don't believe you but how did you come to the conclusion as to his identity?
  2. Maverick

    Pay Your Bills Chief.

    What does he have on the Mayor?
  3. Maverick

    Good riddance Ronnie Gorman

    You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips....
  4. Maverick

    The Summer and Love

    Love is in the air!
  5. Do you know what happens to candidates that violate campaign laws? Nothing. That's what.
  6. Maverick

    Why the Press and Sun is failing

    I hear this Borelli guy does good work but I have yet to see a good, informative article written by him. Could you point me to one if it does exist?
  7. Maverick

    Good riddance Ronnie Gorman

    The sooner her signs are down the better off we will be as a community.
  8. Good. It seems everything is now in order.
  9. Maverick

    Warning: Antifa Coming To the Suburbs

    Bring it. In fact, this is exactly what this country needs. Just one riot in rural America will bring a lot of good ol' boys together to kick the shit out of some Antifa ass. Something the police are afraid to do.
  10. Cornwell is going to run away with this primary race.
  11. I thought it has already been going in for the last couple decades in the Edwards/Thorp St. blocks?
  12. My name is Pete Mitchell and I endorse John Solak.
  13. Maverick

    Time to shut down the media!!!!!

    The media has lost that loving feeling.