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  1. Pam Memos used to work at the Sheriff’s office, where they did all kinds of things that were illegal, unauthorized or very improper. Start with the inmate commissary fund, Dave Harder has used as his private slush fund for years. Who could forget about the lawn chairs, he gave out as Christmas gifts, he purchased with drug money. Harder purchases brand new Chevy Tahoe’s every year, he’s tried registering some in his own name, rather than Broome County. And that nice new garage up at the jail he built without any county authorization. Who did all this for him? Pam Memos. I can’t believe she’s still allowed to work in county government.
  2. Now that is hilarious!
  3. This is so unfortunate for everyone who benefits from that funding, the county, the towns and villages, the drug programs, the law enforcement agencies, but it never should have happened. It’s inexcusable. On top of that, all these people who should have been monitoring the program and the funding all got raises! Korchak, Loughran, Memos, all got big money. There is absolutely no excuse for this. Korchak, Loughran and Memos all need to go. I agree Cornwell did an awesome job. Never had to worry about this when he was in office. He should be DA again or someone new who can do the job well. Anyone but Korchak!
  4. Back the Blue

    Korchak’s Investigator threatens Cuomo family?

    I do agree. She isn’t a real police officer, she’s one step up from shopping mall security. I think she worked at the department of social services before she got a job as a DA “investigator”?
  5. Back the Blue

    POLL: What should Korchak do

    Since this has been out there, I haven’t heard one person defend Loughran. Saying he is a good guy or good attorney, or good at his job. The people I’ve talked to have all said he’s an asshole or they believe what has been posted. That is very telling.
  6. Back the Blue

    Who is Cuomo’s current “Regional Rep” ?

    Did Cuomo touch her?
  7. Back the Blue

    “Cuomo behavior” in Broome County

    These are good points. Lupardo is obviously scared of Cuomo. And Akshar is silent on this because of his own sexual proclivities. Broome County has many "Cuomos" but the media around here is afraid to call anyone out.
  8. Back the Blue

    Family Court Race

    Noonan and Thayne.
  9. Back the Blue

    Sam Monachino Endorsed by recently retired Family Court Judge Spero Pines

    I listened to the interview and I agree Mara hid the fact her brother is a Family Court judge, and hid the fact her husband is Union Justice. But she didn't lie. I think the interview was very weak. She was asked about her background and she went right into her script. It was very obvious she was reading.
  10. Back the Blue

    Sam Monachino Endorsed by recently retired Family Court Judge Spero Pines

    SMonachino is trying to play Mr. Nice Guy Family Man, while hiding behind Ben Bergman's attacks, playing dumb.. "aw shucks, I don't know what Ben is up to, but have a great day, tell your family I said hi!" I don't respect that at all. I would have considered supporting Monachino until I saw who was behind him. He's running a devious and deceptive campaign. Just like Mara Grace. Neither of them deserve to win.
  11. Back the Blue

    Family Court Race

    I recently heard the Grace/Young family is furious over the reaction Mara has received since announcing her candidacy. They thought after rumors spread around Thanksgiving Mara was going to run, other attorneys wouldn't dare enter the race. They are mad so many other attorneys are running, and they are stunned over the negative reaction Mara has received from the public. Mara has devoted her career recently to serving Tioga County. But now that Broome County has two open judgeships she wants to come back? I think she should stay out in Tioga County. Broome County doesn't seem to like her, based on what I have seen and heard.
  12. Back the Blue

    Family Court Race

    The more I hear about Mara Grace the less I like her. Is she anti police too, like that little pipsqueak campaign manager she hired? I always thought Mara was arrogant, but apparently she’s just plan stupid too.
  13. Back the Blue

    Ronnie Gorman up to her old tricks

    Veronica Gorman is a one trick pony. Her (current) husband is a state trooper and she will get the state trooper endorsement. BIG DEAL! Their union has a record of backing losing candidates. I’d have more respect for the state police if they showed some backbone and stood up to their boss Dictator Cuomo. Veronica was a nasty bitch for her entire career in Broome County, now she wants to act like she’s changed? No one is falling for it.
  14. Back the Blue

    Dishonest greedy Joshua Shapiro for Family Court?

    "I am running for Family Court Judge on a platform of putting families first. Family does not always mean blood. I believe families are also groups of people bound together by love, respect, support, stability, and safety," Shapiro said in a press release. https://www.wicz.com/story/43140787/josh-shapiro-announces-2021-candidacy-for-broome-county-family-court There is a very clear legal definition of family. Read the Family Court Act you moron! Joshua Shapiro “bringing love back to the court room!” 🤣🤣🤣
  15. Back the Blue

    Dishonest greedy Joshua Shapiro for Family Court?

    Don’t know him personally but have been told by friends who know him, Shapiro is a BLM/Bernie Sanders nutcase.