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  1. Total Disaster

    Terry “Foreclosure” Ferrell, candidate for BC Leg

    Terry Foreclosure Farrell just called into Binghamton Now on WNBF. Her interview was terrible. She appears to have no idea what she’s talking about. At one point she claimed the district she is running in has 4,500 residents. By my calculations, each district should have 2 or 3 times that number of residents. If her math is that off, it would explain why her house is constantly being foreclosed on.
  2. Terry “Foreclosure” Farrell is the best the Democrats can come up with to run for the Broome County Legislature seat in West Endicott? She is a total disaster. Look at her recent legal and financial troubles. She’s one paycheck away from another foreclosure. Broome County has a $400 million budget. And the next two years will be even more difficult after Covid. Do not let this TOTAL DISASTER get elected to the County Legislature. She needs to clean up her own life before she tries to ruin ours.