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    What time is the Mara Grace swearing-in ceremony today?

    Today Brett Noonan and Veronica Gorman are being sworn in as judges. And Mara Grace is using a coupon for frozen peas at Wegmans.
  2. As reported by John Solak, Senior ADA Debra Gelson is making public statements in support of the candidacy of Mara Grace, and potential future candidacy. It is unethical for prosecutors to publicly support candidates in an election. Don’t forget, it was previously posted here Senior ADA Rita Basile made improper donations to Mara Grace’s campaign, and even encouraged others to make donations, abusing her power as a prosecutor.
  3. Tasker Bliss

    Chris “Titty Sparkles” Grace rethinking his future

    Good riddance, Titty Sparkles. If we never hear from you, your wife, or brother in law, ever again it will be too soon.
  4. Tasker Bliss

    Drunk PA resident Marty Smith on Mara Grace

    Yesterday John Solak referred to Mara and her campaign as a “train wreck”. I couldn’t agree more.
  5. Tasker Bliss

    Will Mark and Sarah Loughran cost Mark Young re-election?

    I look forward to voting against Mark Young.
  6. Tasker Bliss

    Josh Riley for Congress?

    She can’t pick up her lawn signs, but she can watch this Washington, DC resident, who hasn’t lived here in two decades, declare his candidacy for congress.
  7. Tasker Bliss

    DA’s office unethical support of Mara Grace

    Remember the big announcement when Gelson joined the DA's office? What big cases has she worked on? What are her notable achievements? According to good sources, Gelson's only role at the DA's office is to keep relations good with the Democratic Party, so Korchak has their support in the 2023 election.
  8. Tasker Bliss

    Family Court Race

    Mara supporters in general have been very quiet. Maybe they can get together and pick up her signs. All the other candidates are out taking their signs down. Not Mara...
  9. Tasker Bliss

    Family Court Race

    What else is in that bag?
  10. Tasker Bliss

    Family Court Race

    Mara Grace should be ashamed of herself. She ran a dishonest and filthy dirty campaign. The best thing to come out of this election year was not only did Mara lose, but she wasn't even close.
  11. Get Mara Grace up on stage to lip sync a few songs.
  12. Tasker Bliss

    Family Court Race

    That’s correct. Mara committed two misdemeanors while voting in the primary election.
  13. Tasker Bliss

    Family Court Race

    Not only that, Rita Basile has worked to solicit donations for Mara Grace’s campaign. Prosecutors cannot campaign for political candidates, especially when it comes to campaign finance.
  14. Tasker Bliss

    Family Court Race

    Mara refuses to wear a mask at her kid’s school, but she will wear her campaign sticker.
  15. If one Thayne Burger did that to you, I can't imagine what an entire $40 Mara Meal would do. I would hate to see that photo.
  16. Burger Mondays, the dying downtown overpriced burger joint, is getting back into politics. They're offering a "Thayne burger" to support Democrat Tim Thayne, and they're selling $40 meals to support Democrat Mara Grace. No gimmicks to help Republican candidates. It's interesting that a business and two Democrat campaigns would flaunt campaign finance laws, just for a little publicity. If you recall, Burger Monday's ran a crooked hamburger contest during the 2013 Binghamton mayor's race. They advertised a contest between Rich David and Terri Rennia, who both had a burger named after them. With just a couple days left, they offered Rennia's supporters a big advantage to buy her burgers in bulk at a discount. No advantage was offered to Rich David or his supporters. Rennia ended up winning, and got media attention where she claimed it was a sign she had more support in the election. Burger Mondays should stay out of politics. Their fraudulent promotions and "contests" end up alienating many customers, and after their dishonestly gets exposed it does more to hurt their struggling business than help it.
  17. Tasker Bliss

    Family Court Race

    Are you saying it would be ok if she stood there with with a Mara Grace for Family Court sign?
  18. Tasker Bliss

    Family Court Race

    Where was Mara the last few years, during all of these flag raising? No where to be found. Now this year she is pushing her way to the front of the crowd to be photographed. All this while she is being paid by Tioga County tax payers. And her wearing that mask is no different from standing there with a political sign. Mara is politicizing all of these events (international women’s day, St Patrick’s Day) for her own selfish gain. She should have been removed from that event and ashamed of herself for making it political and all about her.
  19. Tasker Bliss

    Family Court Race

    Apparently Mara Grace’s image has taken such a beating she has now hired a PR firm. The anti-police kid from JC did a horrible job on her campaign, and the Grace’s feel like Mara is in big trouble in this race.
  20. Tasker Bliss

    Family Court Race

    Mara Grace will be on WNBF radio tomorrow at 9:30AM. I was told she is refusing to answer questions from callers, and will only speak to Bob Joseph, the host of the program.
  21. Tasker Bliss

    Shots fired between Grace and Shapiro campaigns

    Shapiro also claims Mara Grace is having attorneys in the DA’s office campaign for her, in violation of their code of ethics.