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  1. Avalanche

    Debra Gelson — what does she do all day?

    What does Debra Gelson do all day?
  2. Avalanche

    Non-veteran Korchak using Veterans as props for photo-op

    Korchak is afraid of dogs… if he can’t even go to a dog park you think he can go to the Al Anbar province?
  3. Avalanche

    Drunk PA resident Marty Smith on Mara Grace

    Mara Grace has pissed off some many people, and been so dishonest, during this campaign, it’s going to hurt her brother Mark Young when he has to run for re-election in 2024. And it will hurt her husband if he runs for a county court judge seat in the future.
  4. Avalanche

    Is Korchak drunk? DA posts bizarre cat photo.

    The cat must be Greek Orthodox.
  5. I thought our last county executive was a moron. Garnar makes her look like a rocket scientist. First… having an affair with a woman who works in your office. Who’s salary increased by 100%. It was only a matter of time before people found out. It’s not like he was banging some nurse from the county nursing home. Second… if my wife throws me out and I don’t want anyone to know, I would get an apartment in Kirkwood or West Windsor… some place I’m not going to be seen. This idiot goes to a 60 unit apartment complex on the west side of Binghamton? Talk about hiding in plain sight…
  6. Garnar needs a fast vehicle when he’s racing away from his employees houses, when their husbands get home.
  7. This was a massive failure. Not more than 10 people attended.
  8. Avalanche

    Broome County Airshow for the rich

    It sounds like the long line and lack of bathrooms were a serious problem. Based on all the comments, it sounds like there’s shit all over the top of the mountain in Maine.
  9. So was the $15,000 just paid to Emily Jablon from Broome County hush money?
  10. His name isn’t on the text, but it looks like Emily Jablon is suggesting Jason Garnar was sending her gifts to “bang” her?
  11. According to the sexual harassment policy posted by John Solak, Emily Jablon, as an independent contractor, is covered under the harassment policy.