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  1. Not to be outdone, Joshua Shapiro went to work today dressed as a Wookiee. Or is that how he dresses every day?
  2. Korchak is the DA, and he is doing something illegal. It’s time for the attorney general to step in. This has serious legal and financial implications for Broome County and all the entities that benefited from the revenue from the program. I agree Steve Cornwell made that job look easy, and he did an awesome job. It’s very obvious Broome County needs him back.
  3. Avalanche

    DA Korchak's Tantrum

    Korchak staff meeting April 2021 Korchak: “ok team, we’re under investigation for sexual harassment and corruption. They know about the racial slurs, gay slurs, and fat jokes. And they know we make fun of people’s religious views. Then they found out we use BCVoice to attack our enemies, and when we don’t like what is posted in response, we threaten to use our power to silence people. Plus they found out about the raises during Covid, and they’re pissed. Everyone be on your best behavior.” Question: “can we post death threats on Facebook directed at helpless children?” Korchak: “yeah, go ahead. Just put it in writing, don’t say anything vulgar or controversial on video.” Broome County Legislature meeting April 2021 Legislator: “hold this over.” Korchak on video: “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!”
  4. Are you f’n kidding me? This lady, who works in law enforcement, threatens someone’s children, and you have the gall to post here, that her threat cannot be questioned? So it’s all about who someone is, not what they say or do? You’re always incoherent on this site, but that was one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever read.
  5. I was more alarmed by the fact she didn’t know how to use Zoom. The entire country has been using zoom and similar platforms regularly for a year now. But an Investigator (who in theory is using cutting edge technology every day) couldn’t use Zoom to speak at the meeting, is pretty embarrassing. Then she had to call in over the phone, and for 20 minutes it became an ongoing joke “do we have Ingrid back?”, “is Ingrid with us yet?” Her comments were overshadowed by her inability to press 3 buttons to use Zoom.
  6. Avalanche

    POLL: What should Korchak do

    A prosecutor’s reputation should be beyond reproach. Korchak has lost the public’s trust.
  7. Avalanche

    WBNG’s fat Josh Rosenblatt

  8. Avalanche

    How often do you read Press & Sun Bulletin or pressconnects

    Biased liberal rag. Their decline started years before the national trend, when print papers across the country started mass layoffs and downsizing of their product and operations. Look at how they covered fracking in NY/PA 10-15 years ago. They lost trust and hundreds of subscribers over fracking coverage.
  9. Binghamton Brewing Co. was a little brewery on Avenue C in Johnson City. They closed their doors in August 2020. They informed their customers they would be back, looking forward to a "new beginning". But it's their past and the history of their business that is very troubling, and the reason they will not be back. After numerous government grants, which they never repaid, they are now being sued by their former landlord, facing tax liens, worker's comp, etc. The scumbag owners used the NY eviction moratorium to stop paying rent last spring. They also stopped paying their utilities. Because they can't be evicted, they are being sued for breach of contract, and a judgement against them. What about the government grants? Will the taxpayers ever see a dime of that money back? Don't bet on it. Remember after the Subway moved out of the Binghamton Airport, Binghamton Brewing eventually moved in: https://www.binghamtonhomepage.com/news/binghamton-brewing-co-opens-bar-at-greater-binghamton-airport/ What happened there? Did the county ever collect the rent? Were they kicked out? We saw a big press conference from the county, when Binghamton Brewing moved into the Airport, but their exit from the Airport was kept very quiet.
  10. Avalanche

    Weis stores closing at 4pm today

    Weis stores will close at 4PM today. Why? The roads are not bad. People need those stores open. During the major storm before Christmas the stores didn’t even close. This is bullshit.
  11. Avalanche

    Dishonest greedy Joshua Shapiro for Family Court?

    He looks like the kind of guy who’s office would smell like rotten food.