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  1. Marty Smith was the spokesman for the Korchak 2019 campaign and look where that has gotten us. Say NO to all Marty Smith candidates.
  2. They are too busy going around stalking employees, getting involved in their personal lives (sick days, vacation days), to do their own damn jobs. If they focused on their own jobs none of this would have happened. I know a woman who's life they made miserable until she quit. They are bullies!
  3. I have a close friend who worked at the DA's office. Ms. Memos was more concerned with getting her fired than doing her own job. Memos was constantly following her, spying on her, and running into the Deputy DA's office to report on her every move. Maybe if Memos was focused on her own job, this all would have been avoided. My friend no longer works there. But it was the best thing that ever happened to her, getting out of that office. Ultimately this is Mr. Korchak's fault. He needs to face the consequences. And I feel the consequences are his resignation.