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  1. Isopropyl

    POLL: What should Korchak do

    I'm seeing information that Korchak made a deal with the Democrats and Working Families Party in 2019? Also Mrs. Korchak was selling jobs in the DA's office for work on their campaign.
  2. Isopropyl

    Binghamton Devils leaving town

    No AHL team? Empty arena? Using District Attorney Michael Korchak's logic, someone deserves a big pay raise over this! Let's get that Arena Manager a big $15,000 raise, now is the time!
  3. Will Korchak now retain Levene Gouldin & Thompson and send BCVoice a threatening letter: how dare you tell the taxpayers what I've done with their money!
  4. How many posts on BCVoice are made from the Korchak house? We deserve to know that.
  5. If Mike Horse-ass didn’t do anything to protect employees in the office, or make any changes, and instead he tried to cover it up. He needs to resign.
  6. Isopropyl

    DA Korchak can't act surprised or claim ignorance

    An entire day to look something up on the computer? That information should have been available in real time over the phone.
  7. Isopropyl

    DA Korchak can't act surprised or claim ignorance

    I find it very interesting that District Attorney Mike Horse-ass (or ANYONE in his office) doesn’t have time to meet with a crime victim, who is looking for information on her case (someone I know). But DA Horse-ass has time to play politics and meet with Bijoy Datta and demand (basically threaten) if he comes back to the Republican Party, no one better run against him in 2023. Listen Horss-ass, the Republican Party doesn’t need you. You need the Republican Party!