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  1. Absolutely disgusting behavior from Korchak's DA's office. Remember Jeff Wagner was the one who was texting around pornography.
  2. Isopropyl

    Debra Gelson — what does she do all day?

    Korchak will have to answer to all these bullshit hiring decisions during the 2023 election. Like giving Deb Gelson this political job in the DA’s office, where her duties are to bake cookies and knit socks for her Democrat friends. And giving Mark Loughran a $16,000 raise during Covid, when there was a hiring freeze, and every other department had to do more with less.
  4. Nasty Nadine Korchak was probably at the graduation with a sign-up sheet for campaign volunteers.
  5. Isopropyl

    Binghamton German Club Hundoween this Friday

    Why are Nasty Nadine Korchak and Mara Grace allowed to campaign there constantly?
  6. Isopropyl

    Drunk PA resident Marty Smith on Mara Grace

    This is perfect. And the first and third base coaches are Corrupt Mike Korchak and Nasty Nadine.
  7. Apparently Nasty Nadine has involved herself in employment matters at the DA's office. Nasty Nadine is acting as a personnel officer, and getting involved with work place issues, especially with women in the office. How can the Broome County Personnel Department allow this? No wonder so many employees have quit the DA's office since Korchak took office. I have heard close to 30 employees have quit since last year.
  8. I saw Nasty Nadine at Spiedie Fest walking around scowling at people. The only people less popular than Billy Currington right now in Broome County are Nasty Nadine and that dope she’s married to.
  9. And they’re probably sick of Nasty Nadine strutting around the office barking out orders.
  10. Add Nasty Nadine to this. She has a say in everything that goes on at the District Attorney's Office.
  11. He owes an apology to WBNG and the reporter. More classless attacks from the arrogant bigots, Mike and Nadine Korchak.
  12. Isopropyl

    Is Korchak drunk? DA posts bizarre cat photo.

    51 mins later it’s still there. Korchak must be passed out drunk?
  13. More disgusting behavior from the Korchaks. During the election they presented themselves as people of integrity, church-goers, etc. But now we have seen Mike Korchak belittles those who suffer from drug addiction. Korchak’s investigator Jeffrey Wagner creating online aliases to insult people with disabilities. And Mrs. Korchak referring to her husband as a “retard”. Mike and Nadine Korchak are all about themselves. And they hate and insult anyone who isn’t **perfect** like they are.
  14. This really sums up who Korchak is. If you support him, you can do no wrong. If you don’t support him, he will come after you. Korchak is a disgrace.
  15. Isopropyl

    Korchak exploiting police deaths for social media reactions

    Korchak is unethical, he will exploit anyone or anything if he believes he can personally benefit. He is using the memory of decreased police officers to try to grow his social media following before his next election. Does he reach out to the families of the deceased before he makes these posts? I bet not.
  16. He works directly for Korchak. He does a lot of Korchak’s dirty work. He has a $40,000 pension from the city of Binghamton, and makes over $60,000 from Korchak. So he’s making six figures to slap women, and leak documents from the DA’s office, to make Korchak’s political rivals look bad.
  17. Two violent gun incidents 48 hours apart. This is Korchak's Broome County. He's too busy going around campaigning, to prosecute the thugs on the streets. Things are only going to get worse with Korchak as DA.
  18. This is Michael Korchak’s Broome County. Drug use is out of control. Drug deals resulting in gang warfare. And less drug treatment options. It’s dangerous out there. But Korchak would rather try to charge his former boss, out of jealously and retaliation, to prevent him from running again. Supporting Korchak is supporting increased violence and soaring drug use and overdoses.
  19. The disabled person was posting pro Battisti and Akshar things on Facebook. So Korchak had his people attack and insult her. These are the people working in the DA’s office. It’s disgusting.
  20. Isopropyl

    Twitter poll: 66% don’t trust Michael Korchak

    Korchak = mentally unstable He's a republican, he's a libertarian, he's a democrat, what's he next.. a unicorn?
  21. Isopropyl

    Rich David announces candidacy for State Senate

    It’s obvious Korchak’s DA’s office has a political hit list. Korchak needs one more term for his own financial reasons, and will do whatever he has to, illegal or not, to get there.
  22. Isopropyl

    Family Court Primary results

    Even though his name wasn’t on the ballot the big loser of the day was Mike Korchak, who wants to run for re-election as a Democrat in a couple years. Thayne, one of his senior ADA’s, came in last place yesterday. Thayne had money, had dedicated volunteers, had a good story to tell, and as it was pointed out even used Korchak’s campaign team. And the voters said, we don’t give a shit where you work, or who your boss is. If I were Korchak, I’d be re-thinking my future plans.
  23. He works for Korchak, what do you expect? No morals in that office.