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  1. LOL

    WTH? Steve Cornwell?

    Korchak is the most politically motivated DA in Broome County history. And this all proves it. He is retailing against Cornwell so he can’t run for DA in the future and his former employee because he’s a witness in the sexual harassment investigation.
  2. Right now Akshar wins and he wins big. A year ago it would have been a different story. But Akshar has made amends and spent many months building support for his campaign. The only faction against Akshar now are the Korchak people. But Korchak has been neutered. Korchak has no support and was calling Fred Akshar just a couple months ago, begging for political favors. (The same guy Korchak called on to resign). Things could change, scandals can always break, but right now Akshar beats Newcomb substantially.
  3. LOL

    DA Korchak's Tantrum

  4. Unfortunately Korchak won and Broome County lost.
  5. How dumb is this guy? Disgraced DA Mike Korchak has now called Fred Akshar, begging for political help, saying everyone is against him, and he needs Akshar to step in. First of all, Korchak, the problem is with you and your office. Fix it. If you can’t handle difficult situations, you should not be DA. Second, Korchak must have a pretty short memory. During his campaign for DA he attacked Akshar numerous times and called on him to resign. And how hypocritical, Korchak doesn’t think Akshar should be in office, but now he’s begging for his help. Korchak only cares about himself.