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    DA’s office unethical support of Mara Grace

    Ms. Grace should be ashamed of herself. I was told last fall she was running for Family Court. She had a team of surrogates out for her spreading that she would be running. She thought the mere mention of her name would scare away other candidates. That did not happen. And I'm so glad she did not win. I know her family, and it was basically told to me that she thought she was owed this position. And it should just be handed over to her. She thought having to run in an election was beneath her. I was also told all Ms. Grace did all year was complain about having to go to all of the community events, complain about her PR firm, and complain about all the other candidates. I really hope the election and the loss humbled Ms. Grace, but I seriously doubt it did. She probably thinks voters are stupid and will go around for the next several years saying the election and position of judge were stolen from her.