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  1. What absolutely blows my mind is the fact she is going after Ron now. Extorting him in the last email sent to Kurt Shraider(?Sorry I don’t know how to spell his last name) telling him to get ahold of his boy. I hope Emily realizes that she hasn’t proved anything but her responses which we all see are all over the board. She is the aggressor, she again as I’ve stated multiple times no victim. Victims don’t provoke people the way she does. She has no actual tracer that an IP came from Rich. From the DA. PLOT. Only HER responses which we all see are nonsensical and belligerent. She’s a joke. I could right now make any old email I want and slap a name on it and email my email and cry wolf. I could say this person is saying mean things and try to peg it on an enemy. Without concrete proof she will never hold up in court and doesn’t realize the joker she looks like. Ron is within legal standing to slap Emily with a RO and hit her with extortion as I hope he does. If we all follow the breadcrumbs and everyone she has ever accused someone of this or that it’s clear she’s looking for more free money so she can get more work done on her rapidly aging face and never ending legal battles.
  2. I do believe Emily writing to Rich David via Twitter is third party contact. Can someone please clarify what this means? “Staying away from a person or within a certain distance of the person. Staying away from the person's home, workplace or school. Communicating with the person by calling, emailing or sending letters. “Communicating with the person through third parties.”
  3. Binghamton’s Amber Heard/aka Emily Jablon is the biggest joke in town. People laugh and are disgusted with her and feel so bad for her family. She thinks anyone who opposes her is rich David or sleeping with him. Emily is a disgusting human being who needs serious mental health help. Please for the love of God No more photos. You are gross and children access this page. No one wants to see your scabby face, sores on your lips or rather large rear end. Have some class like Susan and stop embarrassing your family. No one likes you. You’re the biggest embarrassment in town.
  4. What’s the over under on when Binghamton’s Amber Heard/aka Emily Jablon turns on Solak and accuses dirty Johnny of sexual harassment?
  5. This is hilarious, well written and spot on. “A garbage pail kid” lol. That one is going to stick just like Emily is Binghamton’s “Amber Heard”. Maybe Today Emily will post more gross pictures of her scabby face, sore lips, and taking more anti psychosis medications. Actually all we see is the pill in her mouth there’s no guarantee she’s taking them, which would explain her barrage of behavior. Also Amber Heard owes Queen B a major apology before she’s committed.
  6. Emily is not well at all. She is posting photos highlighting her mental illness and Images of her taking her anti psychosis medication. She is unfit to be working with children and should be institutionalized. The defamation, slander and libel she has been pushing on this community for years now has all backfired. She has even assaulted her own mother, bragged about it and destroyed the Jablon family name. Poor Susan and Alan worked their whole life for their family and reputation and the mental illness of Emily has forever scarred that legacy. What a true disappointment and embarrassment Emily has become. I truly hope Emily receives the medical and mental health treatment she so desperately needs.
  7. Hopefully Binghamton’s Amber Heard AKA Emily Jablon learned from this case what happens when you lie and defame people. She will owe Binghantons Johnny Depp, AKA Rich David , millions by the time he’s done with that pathetic loser.
  8. So apparently Emily Jablon thinks she Amber Heard and there will be a local type of trial between her and Mayor David. It is indeed possible that David will be called as a witness for one of the four changes, including one felony, that Jablon is facing. But let’s be honest, David is a high profile public official and Emily, well..., she’s not, and never will be. The only trial should be to determine why David would even associate himself with a trash bag like Jablon. Now I’d pay money to watch that trial!!! I’d live to see Jablon’s explanation as to why her own mother filed an order of protection, why she begged David to buy her clothes, marry her and why she sent him nude photos and videos. Solak will FOIL those as exhibit A lol. What a loser!!!
  9. This is spot on. Binghamton’s own Amber Heard (Emily Jablon) has failed at life in general. She has no skills or talent and has survived on her parents handouts. Now she has resorted to creating false narratives with the hope that people will pay her to stop lying. Clearly these elected officials, and others, could care less what she says. At last count Emily has four criminal charges pending, including one felony, three orders of protection, two parents who she abuses physically, mentally and emotionally, and a partridge in a pear tree! At least Amber Heard is gorgeous.... Then there’s Emily... what’s that about a parrot lol... I need to add that I am very surprised that Nadine K hasn’t pressed charges against Emily for harassment. Nadine I know you’re reading this, I hope you can because she really thinks she is in a more powerful spot than your husband. I’m sure any assistance would help.
  10. I wonder how Binghanton’s very own Emily “Amber Heard” Jablon will respond. The two are peas in a pod. Emily will no doubt suffer the same fate:
  11. Let me edit this: I apologize I’m just really big on hygiene and her mouth does not look clean. She does not look like she takes care of herself by doing basic everyday tasks such as brushing her hair, teeth, caring for her skin or body. She looks about 60 with the saggy face jowls, wrinkled eyes, rotting teeth, almost resembles Elmer Fude from the old school cartoons. I see her front teeth are gray perhaps from some heavy drug use or poor oral hygiene. She just clearly isn’t well bottom line. Mental health and how you take care of yourself go hand in hand. If you’re healthy, you for the most part look healthy. If you’re crazy, well, look at Emily’s diminishing looks. Her threats to local officials and now her antics starting to surface again shows she most likely stopped her “calming” meds that she was bragging about on Facebook from her psychologist. Emily acting out tagging people on Facebook and running her 607 page again shows making threats, how is no one taking this as serious as the very few of us on bcv? She has every qualifying issue as the Buffalo shooter, her outbursts thinking she is untouchable almost a god like complex. Wake up DA Mike Korchak. She is threatening your wife now, what makes you think one day she won’t get desperate because you did nothing and shoot your family? Your wife is a private citizen she does not have to be harassed or threatened by this psychopath. What Emily claims the psychologists told her is wrong if it’s even the truth given her track record, go figure they got it wrong with the BSS as well. From my resent studies victims of ptsd and victims who fear their aggressors don’t taunt and provoke them. She is the aggressor. She is no victim. She is the Amber Turd of Binghamton, a proven liar and abuser. Wake the hell up and do what’s right DA.
  12. Emily is clearly off her medication right now and that right there is the very alarming reality everyone should realize. She is back to her obsession over the deed and taunting her alleged “aggressor” from what I’ve seen no “victim” who has ptsd and is traumatized taunts and harasses their alleged abuser. Again, Emily is no victim she is only victim to her own self inflicted wars she has created out of what looks like a scorned lover situation. As Rich David states in his rebuttal she was begging for them to have children together, buy clothes and get married. Rejections a bitch. Take your L Emily. Rich has clearly moved on and good for him! please for the love of everything holy get a refill of your meds and stop posting videos of that parrot tongue you have. If you don’t know what I mean, give it a Google.
  13. Not to mention what she has in common with Amber Heard. I mean Jablon and Heard are one in the same. Both attention seeking people who lie and defame to try to extort money and get famous. Though, let’s be honest, jablon is no Amber Heard, as hard as she tries and as much as she copies her defamatory behavior. Jablon could have very well ended up shifting and killing multiple elected officials. Korchack may not be perfect, but he sure as hell got Jablon right.
  14. Factchecker

    Korchak failed to act on Buffalo gunman last summer

    What worries a bunch of people myself included in the community is Emily has been undergoing evaluations and stating online she has passed them. That they’ve recommended this or that and she is just acting out from her injustice due to her sexual relations……….. blahbity blah. How competent are our “medical professionals and or evaluators” if they are letting creditable threats and creditable mental issues go with a slap on the wrist. How creditable are they if they are allowing these mentally unstable whom make dangerous threats fool them into thinking they are sane? Emily herself claims she’s a good actress, brags about it and even posts videos of how she can cry on command, smile, laugh, play victim, play the villain, etc. This is extremely frightening if she is considered sane. The fact the BSS shooter was evaluated and no red flags were brought forth after his evaluation needs to be investigated. I’d like to know how many repeat offenders or dangerous acts were committed from people whom have been cleared by these local psychologists.