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  1. Responsible_Adult_Female

    When will the Covid 19 scare end? I think I know.

    NYS CDC just mandated today all health care workers must have their booster. Effective immediately - must be administered within two weeks. Let's just add to the staffing shortages further when people don't get boosted.
  2. Responsible_Adult_Female

    Ho Hired: JC hires homewrecker as Clerk/Treasurer

    No wedding ring on her finger anymore.
  3. Responsible_Adult_Female

    Warm wishes & condolences to the Balles family

    I would like to offer my condolences as well to the Balles family. I worked with his grandson, Brandon. Great family.
  4. Responsible_Adult_Female

    How Sick Is This? Now Another State Wants To Kill Grandma.

    Did Cuomo move to Connecticut?
  5. Responsible_Adult_Female

    Downtown Binghamton rape

    From a recent FB post (staff meeting notes?)
  6. Responsible_Adult_Female

    Did the Christmas Vacation / Chevy Chase Event At the Arena Go Off As Scheduled?

    Someone I know went and said this: he wasn't funny at all and he is slipping mentally for sure. His wife was there to keep him on track and finish his sentences. Total waste of money!
  7. Responsible_Adult_Female

    Merry Christmas to Everyone in Broome County

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. Stay safe and best wishes for a Happy New Year!
  8. Responsible_Adult_Female

    Downtown Binghamton rape

    [Examining the relationship between Rich David, Ron Kweller and BPD for potential conflict of interest.] Binghamton Police Department Detective Bureau reports to the Chief of Police. The Chief of police reports to Mayor Rich David. Mayor Rich David has a close relationship with Ron Kweller. The unit investigating the alleged crime reports to an individual who is known to have a business and personal relationship with the alleged crime perpetrator. Come on Dateline, this is the perfect story.
  9. Responsible_Adult_Female

    IBM Endicott Site Sold

    Oh my goodness, I had forgotten about Holllywood & Vine! Thanks for the memory. I remember my first day there, walking into the cafeteria and seeing the sea of pinstripes
  10. Responsible_Adult_Female

    IBM Endicott Site Sold

    If I remember reading correctly, some of the buildings on North Street can't be saved and will have to be torn down. The old security building and the one next to it I think?
  11. Responsible_Adult_Female

    IBM Endicott Site Sold

    There used to be a tunnel that went from Bldg. 14 almost to Hayes Avenue under the parking lot in addition to the ones that went under North Street over to Personnel. I always wanted to roller-blade on the third floor from the Security building all the way to building 14. Back in the day, I traveled from Finance in Bldg. 25 over to Bldg. 256 on Watson Boulevard via the 3rd Floor. It actually felt good walking a few miles every day in that place.
  12. Responsible_Adult_Female

    WNBF Fear Porn Lie-Fest

    And Garner had someone that would have bailed him out of the problem at Willow Point and made some money in the process, but he turned the opportunity down.
  13. Responsible_Adult_Female

    Downtown Binghamton rape

    Back about 5 years ago, my girlfriend was at Tom & Marty's and someone slipped something into her drink. She had one drink, but was so wasted she couldn't walk. Thankfully another friend was with her and got her out of there. The next day, she couldn't remember a thing.
  14. Responsible_Adult_Female

    Unvaccinated health care workers in Broome County off job

    The religious exemption was just removed. Effective 11/22/21.
  15. Responsible_Adult_Female

    UFC star Jon Jones arrested on misdemeanor domestic violence charge in Las Vegas

    I wonder where the wife and kid are. I wonder where is buddy Adam Weitsman is. He hasn't said a word about this