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    Just curious...how many of you folks that are against this live say within 5 miles of this site?
  2. Billy the Kid

    Paving on colesvile road

    What would you do if you had nothing to complain about?
  3. Billy the Kid

    Paving on colesvile road

    Big traffic hazard on Colesville Rd in a 30 mph zone! Quit yer whining!
  4. Billy the Kid

    Paving on colesvile road

    Or you guys could just simply slow down a little. I travel it daily and if you go slow it's not that bad. They are finishing up the top today so you should be good!
  5. Billy the Kid

    Where's Garo

    Shirley....LOL! How is that baby "Shirley"?
  6. Billy the Kid


    I think that's a great idea!
  7. Billy the Kid

    Tony Fiala another drunken episode last night at Dillingers

    You want to blame the people that he is with? He's an adult! He is accountable for everything that he does!
  8. Holy cow you weren't deleted on this one?
  9. Billy the Kid

    Jakes in Hillcrest

    The owner decided to close it and sold off the equipment. Said he had enough! Everything else was rumors. Taxes were paid. Bills were paid. Owner just wanted to do other things.
  10. Billy the Kid

    Tonight's Rain (photo)

    Here ya go
  11. Billy the Kid

    Need to discard ~100 old tires with rusty rims

    Tire Disposal (570) 445-1793 Dispose of them the legal way. You can also take them to the dump and pay by the ton.
  12. What the heck is "comp time"? Never heard of such a thing!
  13. Billy the Kid

    PMP Deli, Johnson City

    You misunderstand what Andrew means when he says that! Government has become a business for politicians to make money and when he says they are open for business.... that is exactlt what he means!
  14. Billy the Kid

    Hillcrest RV Robber Caught

    Oh well... On another note, the Broome County Court released the guy without bail right before Christmas. He is working as a pizza delivery boy and this criminal could be casing your home while he delivers your pizza. It's a wonderful justice system we have!
  15. Billy the Kid

    food and fire

    That's exactly what happened to us! Not impressed.
  16. Billy the Kid

    Hillcrest RV Robber Caught

    Oh and I thought everyone knew who I am?
  17. Billy the Kid

    Hillcrest RV Robber Caught

    It was a burglary. I wasn't there.
  18. Billy the Kid

    food and fire

    Went there took 20 minutes to get a table (not too bad) then another 25 minutes to get a waitress to acknowledge us to get drinks. Then she brought corn bread and disappeared. When she finally walked by I asked her if we could order and she said after the table behind us ordered (who were seated after us). When we finally ordered, they were out of ribs. Got brisket (it was ok but not the best), and pulled pork (which I couldn't get the dog to eat). Needless to say not my favorite place.
  19. Billy the Kid

    The Meat Guys in old Toyota pickups

    I know several guys that sell meat for a living and I have purchased a lot from them. It is a great deal and the meat is awesome! Maybe you non believers should give it a try before you crucify them! Most of these guys are hard working and busting their butt to support their famlies.
  20. Billy the Kid

    car help

    sounds like a CV shaft is going bad. Very dangerous, take it to your mechanic.
  21. Billy the Kid

    F-350 Offer www.hillcrestrv.com

    Did you try the water dept. in 5 mile point. I know that the guy that runs the tanker to fill swimming pools fills his truck there and there is some sort of fee.
  22. Billy the Kid

    A message to Rich David

    Maybe I should've tried that LOL
  23. Billy the Kid

    A message to Rich David

    No reason to even acknowledge this moron! Unfortunately for him my opinion might not be worth 2 cents but his is irreverent......since he's been banned. LOser