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  1. BuckedTooth

    47-6 JC Dropped

    If your mirror broke, you can take a proverbial look in the "HS Football Fans are Woodchucks" Thread. You pretty much have it covered.
  2. BuckedTooth

    High School FB Fans are Woodchucks

    Yea it has been going on forever but it is worse now with this internet generation of helicopter parents. The irony is these sister humping inbreeds are yelling "Plays" from the 50's that work cuz' they saw them on the internet. Probably the same jackoffs that wear their Jets jerseys to take their lady out to dinner Friday nights.
  3. BuckedTooth

    High School FB Fans are Woodchucks

    At a local FB game last Friday night and saw an interesting interaction. A fan was being loud and obnoxious yelling a lot of stuff he learned playing JV Football in the 70's. Another parent asked him to knock it off because he was embarrassing the rest of the parents from that school. He said "Freedom of speech idiot, go sit somewhere else" I feel bad for these poor kids that have to go home to 50 year adolescent retards that feel the need to live through their kids. The team lost and I'm sure that made Mr. Big Nuts happy even though his own son evidently plays for them. Never understood "angry fan" at any level, but in HS you really are just out of line. Please, put a sock in it, your routine is tired.
  4. BuckedTooth

    Pine Tar 2014

    The pine tar rule is like the speed limit. Everyone breaks it but usually only the idiots get caught. Hiding it is such a "pre requisite" that even managers never even really consider teaching it to players. Enter Pineda, and embarrassment ensues.
  5. BuckedTooth

    Masahiro Tanaka to Yanks for $155M

    That is because you fell asleep in 94 and woke up the day they started banning steroid users.
  6. BuckedTooth

    My theory was right

    They enough to know how dumb the ACA is. See above: Doesn't address the "if you like your doctor, if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period". Lying, then admitting he lied, then lied about lying. Quoted yesterday referring to having the final say on Drone attacks that "he is good at killing people".
  7. BuckedTooth

    My theory was right

    It's not a matter of better. It is a matter of not deliberately implementing a personal agenda that goes directly against the wishes of the majority of citizens. It is a matter of not deliberately lying to the American people to get that very agenda item accomplished. It is a matter of hiding a crazy ego that says things like "i am good at killing people"
  8. BuckedTooth

    My theory was right

    No kidding. Now you know how I felt in the last presidential election when I found out just how stupid the majority of people in our country are. They are starting to learn the hard way however.
  9. BuckedTooth

    Do You Believe Present obama?

    Excuse making for Obama's number 1 on the campaign agenda?? Wow. Of course he wants this on his legacy. He is a hero to all that support government run anything. Democrats have been trying to get this passed forever and he was driving the bus when it passed. Hell, he even got his name attached to it. Where do you live where you are so tuned out to reality?
  10. BuckedTooth

    So, now honest posts are deleted?

    Where the ______ have you people been?
  11. BuckedTooth

    Obamacare - Epic Failure

    You can't be serious trying to justify the 300% average increase in Health Care Plans by saying "the old plan sucked and this one is worth the money". 1. Prove it. 2. Your brother in law keeping his doctors?? You advocates live in a world of "everyone should get healthcare, have the job they want, and just plain be Happy". Who is going to pay for it all? If people don't work and don't pay taxes, what makes you think they are going to purchase Health Care Plans?? The Smothers Brothers designed the website and now we are paying to have it done correctly. It is a bad joke anymore. When ABC news is reporting it is failing, you know it is failing. You don't have watch FOX for that one kids.
  12. BuckedTooth

    Obamacare - Epic Failure

    You can't be that dumb.
  13. BuckedTooth

    Now It Makes Sense

    If properly presented?? Too bad you weren't the lawyer to present it. Facts were presented and then disputed. He never had a chance to be convicted. More importantly, who cares? Two hood rats fight and one gets shot, it isn't news.
  14. BuckedTooth

    Bill Clinton - Father of the year

    I've known plenty of people who had degenerate parents that turned out ok too. Stupid award that clearly misses what we should be teaching the Youth of America about parenting. The Cigar jokes are stupid too, you can do better than 90's jokes at this rate. The story would really matter is Chelsea turned out to be a complete mess. PRESIDENT'S DAUGHTER WITH EVERY ADVANTAGE IN THE WORLD TURNS TO DRUGS AND PORN. It isn't news and shows how disconnected society really is with politics and the media.