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    When these urban misfortunates get themselves dead I don't want to hear one word.
  2. ANOTHER PROTEST...ON PRIVATE PROPERTY NO LESS. BECAUSE WEGMAN'S HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE DEATH OF DANIEL PRUDE. YOU KNOW...you know... https://www.wivb.com/news/new-york/rochester/daniels-day-prude-protest-blocks-off-east-ave-wegmans-on-1-year-anniversary-of-police-encounter/
  3. I was just driving up Broad Ave and saw a campaign sign that said Mike Pratt for school board. If it's the Mike Pratt I'm thinking of, SWAT team golfer, retired from the psyche center I'm happy to support this very bright, no nonsense candidate. That is exactly what the BCSD needs...a SWAT TEAM. I'm positive his leadership and organization skills will bring a lot to the table. Who else is running?
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    I keep saying I'm going to start this thread. Well here it is...to continue where I left off on another thread... If it isn't worth it to write a ticket to out of state drivers at least pull them over and tell them to slow down. I thought we had reciprocal uniform law with Jersey but not PA? Seriously, all of the NYS drivers pick their spot and we're spaced apart, I have my cruise control set then some Jersey driver starts tailgating. They force everyone to speed up just to get out the way. The PA drivers think they're untouchable too and they're horrible drivers...swear to God I think they drive with 2 feet.
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    “No, Sir. My real name is Nathaniel Sexton”

    Ok, silliest thing I've seen on the internet this week...off to work, have a great weekend!
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    Barack Obama Comments On All Of the Election Audits

    The recent appointment of Rahm Emanuel to Japan's ambassadorship just lends credence to the theory Barack is actually running the show. Like Joe Biden cares about Rahm Emanuel? Ridiculous.
  7. ginger

    Who is running for school board?

    Good Morning. I just finished reading the BCSD budget flyer that came in the mail along with the profile for school board candidates. I'll definitely be voting for Mr Pratt who appears to have an interest in upgrading athletics programs and Dr Penna will be an invaluable addition post covid transition. I'm undecided on the third...I'm going to go back and reread the remainders...none caught my attention. I'm voting no on the budget increase. "THE BINGHAMTON SCHOOL DISTRICT WILL EMBRACE DIVERSITY IN ALL OF ITS FORMS." Absolutely not.
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    Have you gotten or plan to get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

    Here we go..
  9. ginger

    Joe Biden is mentally ill

  11. Abandoned business...In any event here's another giveaway. LOSE WHAT BENEFITS? THEY JUST ADDED THIS YESTERDAY. https://getemergencybroadband.org/
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    No. Lol😊 I only saw one that I thought I could operate. It was $200.00. But the chip to go in it was $263.00. The video goes straight to your phone.
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    Pete, everyone was doing it right but after the turn is made into the appropriate lane...ie I actually wanted to be in the right lane to hop on 81...couldn't get over right away but some people are more aggressive with lane changes than I am and will try to squeeze themselves into the lane they want to be in and that's what was going on when this dim bulb stepped in between those 2 suvs. She's totally jaywalking in a busy intersection. She's not crossing at either light..the one to Lowes or the one before Weis. She's crossing in between.
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    BTW that's not the first time I've seen her step out into traffic like that so she could go stand in the median. I bet I've seen her do that a dozen times.
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    Idiot woman on Upper Front St. Enough is enough. I make a left out of Lowes into the left lane. Opposite vehicles are turning right. into the right hand lane and a few are jockeying to get in the left lane with me. There's a red light so traffic is stopped. The light turns green and this idiot is oblivious. She steps into traffic between 2 large SUVs so the cars in the left lane can't see her so we all pull up...lucky there wasn't a fender bender... then she stands in the median smiling and waving with her neon green vest completely freaking oblivious to the commotion she almost caused. Distracted driving is against the law...It's a busy intersection...Get rid of her.
  16. Working in a vitamin store is toxic and bad for your mental health? I'd love to hear this story.
  17. ginger

    Why Is It Not Noticed? Reported On?

    Here's a gem for you, ever see this one?
  18. ginger

    Remembering Bo Obama

    lol... ^^^
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    With the impending demise of Governor Cuomo, who's next? I'm seeing John Catsimatidis. Marc Molinaro and Rob Astorino. I'm not voting for any billionaires or boys from below the borscht belt clones. Upstate New Yorkers have suffered enough.
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    I see Rob Astorino has formally announced. After the last time he stated he was planting his flag and would be back to claim it. I think he needs a new flag.
  21. ginger

    Tom O'Mara for Governor of NYS

    O'MARA, SERINO, ORTT...THIS NEEDS TO BE THE TRIUMVIRATE IN ALBANY. https://www.nysenate.gov/newsroom/articles/2021/thomas-f-omara/senator-omaras-weekly-column-capitol-week-may-10-2021-no
  22. Since I've had twitter I've had more in depth access to government officials. Senator O'Mara is a huge standout. (R district 58 Finger Lakes region) I like this guy. He doesn't come off like a used car salesman. No-nonsense, serious minded...He's a grown up. He writes a weekly column discussing the status of various subjects. These columns aren't only informative they give you an idea of the tone which this gentleman operates. A sharp contrast to the current governor, he's not flashy, which is an optic I prefer and I think will appeal to everyone come election time. For your consideration... https://www.nysenate.gov/newsroom/articles/2020/thomas-f-omara/senator-omaras-weekly-column-week-august-31-2020-burden-future
  23. ginger

    She's all about optics

    Not mention these pieces of garbage want to raise the cost of energy and fuel. I told Senator O'Mara stop taking downstate democrat county garbage at our upstate landfills. They think air quality is a problem now wait till June then cut them off. These counties generate so much garbage that not only do they have to ship it upstate they send it to PA and South Carolina. Give them something to really worry about. I love the smell of garbage day in NYC on a hot July morning...smells like...
  24. ginger

    She's all about optics

    Complicit in the murder of thousands of seniors, obstruction of justice. I'm still waiting on the statistics...how many black seniors are dead? Democrats don't ever want that number to come out, to quote Mike Tyson, "devastating". I'll get my numbers one way or another. I'm hoping the senate will file a complaint with these boys...HOW MANY NYS VETERANS WERE MURDERED? ONE WAY OR ANOTHER... https://www.va.gov/oig/about/investigations.asp