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  1. Endwellian

    Places to avoid- worst smelling people

    Johnson City Walmart. Any dollar store in the area, unless they’re in a nicer neighborhood.
  2. Why would a museum and science center plan and promote an exhibit on cats? Every neighborhood in Broome County has dozens of stray cats. Cats are not new or unique, or even exciting. They are boring (and disgusting, in my opinion) animals. This is what a local museum receives tax payer money for? A cat exhibit? What’s next from Roberson? A trash exhibit? https://wbng.com/2021/05/31/cats-the-exhibition-is-set-to-open-at-roberson-museum
  3. Endwellian

    BC nixes vet center at Vestal Hills CC

    I see Garnar included it in his 2020 campaign materials as one of his accomplishments. A little pre mature...
  4. Endwellian

    BC Legislator Suzy Ryan... lost and clueless!

    Maybe she was drunk at the meeting, like Endicott Mayor Linda Jackson? I follow happenings in local government pretty closely, and I’ve never heard of Suzy Ryan.
  5. Endwellian

    WBNG’s Chloe Vincente leaving for Birmingham, AL

    For a few days John was posting pictures of her in swimwear, and did a poll asking if it was appropriate for a news anchor to be posting pictures of herself in bikinis.
  6. Do they sell alcohol? If so send a coupon to Endicott mayor Linda Jackson and trustee Eileen Konecny. They will need to stock up for the next village board meeting.
  7. Endwellian

    Mc Arthur Park, whats going on by bal fields

    Broome County's mobile COVID testing site is at MacArthur from February 1 - Feb 7.
  8. Endwellian

    Family Court Race

    I'm a Democrat so I will get to vote in this primary. I'm by no means an expert, but I enjoy following local elections. Mara's campaign has been horrible, very poor presentation from the beginning. And I agree, there is a problem with having a brother and sister serving as judges in Family Court, plus a husband as Town of Union Justice. I think good judges come from all over, with different backgrounds, from different families. Not all from one family.
  9. Lind Jackson has denied drinking during the meeting to WBNG: https://wbng.com/2021/02/02/endicott-mayor-denies-inappropriate-behavior-during-mondays-public-hearing/ How sad is it. She is so out of control that now she’s drinking during meetings. And we have news stories on it. She is full of shit, because aside from the video of her drinking from a wine glass, there is audio of her saying “wine” and as another poster pointed out “it’s too late to keep drinking”.
  10. Endwellian

    Weis stores closing at 4pm today

    The Weis on Hooper Road is indeed closed.
  11. Endwellian

    Weis stores closing at 4pm today

    If this is true it's disappointing. People needing items on their way home from work will be out of luck. And it will make the other stores even more crowded. Grocery stores are essential, unless there's a natural disaster, there's an understanding they will be open in bad weather.
  12. Endwellian

    Broome County Judge Joseph Cawley stepping down?

    I always liked Cawley. He goes to the church by my house. He did have a health scare a few years ago. Haven’t heard of anything recent.
  13. John Solak has emails confirming Binghamton City School District employees used school resources on school time to campaign against him last year for a school board seat. I’m fairly sure nothing will happen to them. But I feel they should be suspended without pay.
  14. She needs to resign. At first it was kind of humorous she was referring to herself as Action Jackson, and conducting her own “investigations” like Endicott’s very own elderly Nancy Drew. But this has gone too far. She got caught in numerous lies during the battery incinerator debate. She got caught in lies over the summer during the social media post scandal. She’s been insulting people on the record and off the record. And now these inappropriate mental illness comments. Endicott needs to do whatever necessary to take away all her power, or remove her from office if possible.
  15. Endwellian

    Dishonest greedy Joshua Shapiro for Family Court?

    It’s has been a week. Shapiro was supposed to have two virtual events. Is he still in hiding?