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  1. Endwellian

    Sophia Resciniti-Korchak running for NY Assembly

    Andy- That video is great. Very well done and it certainly gets the point across. I can’t vote in a Alpaugh/Resciniti primary election, but if Resciniti is in bed with the Korchaks, she can kiss her chances goodbye.
  2. I just caught a featured news story on the WBNG 5:00 PM news on a local drag queen, who will be on "RuPaul's Drag Race" on VH1. Jasmine Kennedie is the stage name of Kyle Koritkowski. He went to Maine Endwell high school, and says his first drag experience was at the Endwell fire station. I wasn't aware the Endwell fire station was a hotbed of drag activity. https://rupaulsdragrace.fandom.com/wiki/Jasmine_Kennedie I'm socially liberal, and support gay rights, but the drag queen culture isn't something I support.
  3. Endwellian

    Garnar has Covid

    This is a good point. If he knew he was going to be in contact with thousands of Broome County residents, did he take a test before hand, to ensure he wasn't potentially spreading Covid? Now that the doofus has it, I would like to know what precautions were taken for Saturday's event at Otsiningo. What now? Do all of the people who were at Otsiningo Saturday need to waste one of their tests, to see if they got Covid from the idiot County Executive?
  4. Endwellian

    Where Is The Salt

    We’ve known this was coming for days. Hell, WBNG ran a emergency message at the bottom of the screen for hours yesterday about today’s weather. The state, county, city and towns should have had salt trucks out all night, to get ahead of the ice. I just went outside briefly to check it out and my street is a sheet of ice.
  5. Endwellian

    Spectrum Internet down all evening

    It must be just your immediate area? I have spectrum and had no problems.
  6. Endwellian

    Downtown Binghamton rape

    With a 3 hour event, you would have to drink a drink every 12 minutes to get your monies worth. Maybe they are banking on girls drinking so much so quickly they won’t have to roofie them. (estimated at $5 a drink)
  7. Endwellian

    Downtown Binghamton rape

    Wow! The $75 "rape pass" comes with line cutting privileges! So you can bypass the lines and get raped before the losers too cheap to fork over the $75.
  8. Endwellian

    Downtown Binghamton rape

    Not acceptable. BPD is how many strong? 120? 130? You can't tell me everything stops when Cory Minor is on vacation. I feel awful for the victims and their families, who will go through Christmas with no progress and no justice.
  9. Endwellian

    Broome County Worst Person of the Year 2021

    Well, they’ve been accused of drugging and raping customers at their bar…
  10. Endwellian

    Binghamton High School this AM

    She can’t pronounce the word “half” and it really annoys me. She says hof. Instead of “more in a half hour”, maybe she should say “more in 30 minutes”.
  11. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out Korchak doesn’t even have a law license. His term as DA couldn’t possibly get any worse.
  12. Crime is at a record high, drug use and overdoses are out of control, and this is the BS Korchak wastes the DA's office's time and resources on? Korchak has been a horrible DA and this is one of the many reasons he won't be reelected.
  13. Glad to hear they came into work on a Monday morning and got right to work...
  14. At this point it really is liter. Most areas have hefty littering fines. Mara Grace should be fined $500 for each sign she refuses to pick up.
  15. Endwellian

    John Solak back on internet with new platform

    His content is actually worth a lot more than that. To view his videos you just need to register, that is free.