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  1. Endwellian

    The Town of Union is so broke that...

    I can’t believe the Republican Party didn’t run a candidate against Rick Materese. His mismanagement led to the closure of the Boys and Girls Club, when he was the director, before being elected supervisor of Union. I’m a Democrat but I’d vote for almost any republican over Materese.
  2. George Phillips has embarrassed himself again for the 5th time? 10th time? I've lost count. Now please pick up your signs. My neighbor had one up, which surprised me. I saw him at the curb last week, putting out recycling, and I asked him about it. He responded "I never asked for one, someone just put it there." Sounds about right.
  3. Endwellian

    What are the best out door seating restaurants?

    Do you mind revealing your weight, Diane? Because that list is very impressive. I assume you’re not getting salads at these places. That’s probably 25,000 calories since Thursday 😳
  4. Endwellian


    Why wasn’t there a police presence at the park over night? The protest was scheduled to end there. Given that information the BPD should have had at least one car stationed in the park last night.
  5. Are you fucking kidding me? I’m a Democrat, but this ass clown needs to be VOTED OUT!
  6. So he is essentially a Grubhub driver for the Village of JC police? What a storied law enforcement career.
  7. Endwellian

    Endicott's mayor Linda "Action" Jackson

    I really hope Price Chopper leaves Endicott. What a blow that would be. There are plenty of fine parcels outside the Village, but still in the Endicott area. This was a major mistake by everyone involved: Action Jackson, Cheryl Chapman, Eileen Konecny, and the three puppet masters, Fred Akshar, Donna Lupardo and Jason Garnar. My intel says Konecny was so in favor of the incinerator because Lupardo told her she had to be. And Konecny fancies herself as the Democrat to run for the Assembly seat when Lupardo retires.
  8. Endwellian

    Endicott's mayor Linda "Action" Jackson

    Where did this Action Jackson come from? I never heard of her until last year. Apparently she was on the Endicott board before she was elected mayor. But who put her up to this? Did she run on her own? Did Akshar or the Republican party put her up to this? I'd like to hear the real story on how she won the Endicott mayor race. I think she's a total fraud and failure and needs to be removed from office.
  9. Endwellian

    Endicott's mayor Linda "Action" Jackson

    A week ago Action Jackson and her deputy mayor said this study would be posted on the village website Monday. Well, Monday came and nothing was posted. Then just before the public hearing was set to begin, it was canceled. Many of us had our suspicions about what was going on... Today a village board member called into WNBF and said the study contained information Action Jackson didn’t like, and that’s why she canceled the public hearing, and that’s why it’s not on the website. This woman is a complete disgrace and I agree she needs to be removed from office.
  10. Endwellian

    Endicott's mayor Linda "Action" Jackson

    John Solak has some good comments on Action Jackson on his Twitter video last night. She thinks so highly of herself and her deputy mayor that they are of the opinion they are right, and all the residents of Endicott are wrong. She claims she conducts her own "investigations" on issues, like she's the Nancy Drew of Endicott. Like Solak said, this lady is nothing but a character. It would actually be very funny if it didn't affect peoples lives.
  11. Endwellian

    Endicott's mayor Linda "Action" Jackson

    Action Jackson owes us some answers. She said last week she commissioned a study that would be posted on the Village website Monday. No study appeared on the website, and instead she canceled the meeting.
  12. Endwellian

    Endicott's mayor Linda "Action" Jackson

    I just heard Action Jackson’s interview on WNBF from the other day. She has a high school diploma, and she had the nerve to say Dr. Paul Connett, who is a graduate of Cambridge University, and has Ph.D. in chemistry from Dartmouth College, “is a little confused”.
  13. Endwellian

    Endicott's mayor Linda "Action" Jackson

    So she hasn't worked in 20 years... Great. Just what Endicott needs... 🙄
  14. Endwellian

    Endicott's mayor Linda "Action" Jackson

    I don't live in Endicott so I didn't follow the race for mayor last year. Can someone tell me what "Action Jackson" did for a living, before she was elected to the village board? Also, what is her education? Thanks.
  15. These types of celebrations are being promoted by the media all over NY state. But Jason Garnar says they are not legal? How about a drive by egging of Garnar’s house?