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  1. https://www.binghamtonhomepage.com/news/local-news/a-local-progressive-group-plans-to-protest-senator-akshar/2001657496
  2. Endwellian


    Sounds like a scam, just like the BC Jets. Run by the same family.
  3. Joe Zikuski is the reason I will not support Rich David when he runs for Broome County Executive.
  4. Endwellian

    Mirella Masciarelli victimized by "predator" Fred Akshar

    Akshar is a dangerous sexual predator. Look at his past (that we know of). All women he has power over.
  5. Endwellian

    The Pour House restaurant on Watson Blvd

    Pretty good, I would go back. Went last weekend, and it was very crowded as you would imagine. Got plain pizza and others in my family got sandwiches.
  6. Endwellian

    Garnar way off on overdose figures

    Listen to the scanner, there are 5-10 overdoses a day. There is no way 432 is accurate for 8 months. I think it's 4 or 5 times higher than that.
  7. Endwellian

    We're having a baby!!! Fred Akshar impregnates secretary

    Where is Fred Akshar living? This should be public information but I can't find it anywhere.
  8. Garnar is in a ritzy business tent. These seats go for a couple hundred per person, and usually include all you can eat and drink concessions. They are gifts from big businesses, like Dick's. They are not for sale to the general public. I believe this is a violation of ethics rules and gift policy for elected officials.
  9. Endwellian

    Alexis Pleus - Truth Pharm where does the money go?

    Several of the people who were part of Truth Pharm have walked away. I believe there are some shady things going on. In regards to Pleus I know she hasn't held a regular full time job in quite a while.
  10. Endwellian

    12 News

    The morning show is unwatchable. It used to be very good and informative. Now the two anchors they have on there are painful to watch. They can't get through one story without mistakes. Scott Sasina and Claire Kerr are the worst anchors to ever sit at the WBNG anchor desk.
  11. I'm not surprised Debbie Preston lost, when I've heard from five people Dan Schofield was campaigning for her by calling her an idiot and moron. One person was even a big donor to Preston, and was shocked Schofield would talk about his boss that way. It sounds like Debbie got double crossed by Schofield. I've never trusted Schofield since he made that deal with Barb Fiala, when she gave him a job not to run against her.
  12. Another thread showed Debbie Preston paid Bijoy Datta $10,000 in January 2016. How can he as GOP Chairman take a penny from any candidate before petitioning is done, and it is official there is no primary?
  13. What this kid did was not much different from the case the NY Attorney General just charged. http://www.ag.ny.gov/press-release/ag-schneiderman-lawsuit-targets-alleged-fraudulent-posting-popular-crowdfunding A woman raised $2,600, but only turned over $1,330 for the scholarship fund. The AG should look at this scumbag who stole from people all over the country!
  14. Drove by a bum tonight with a sign begging for money, it reminded me of this scumbag, took me a while to find the thread. Whatever happened to this scumbag did he donate any money to charity like he was supposed to?
  15. Endwellian

    Bad Check! In Broome Co?

    I'd like to hear more from the original poster. How much was it for? If it was thousands, I'm sure there's criminal charges. But also, what is his check policy? Many places don't accept checks, if they do, it must be a number higher than 500 or 750 or 1000 (the check number, not the amount) or, they only accept checks from known customers.