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  1. Endwellian

    Tom Jackson Running for County Legislature

    They’re real and they’re spectacular.
  2. Endwellian

    Unprofessional- Ch. 12 Josh Rosenblatt

    John Solak reported Josenblatt was involved in an accident in a brand new WBNG vehicle. Was he breathalyzed after the accident?
  3. Endwellian

    Unprofessional- Ch. 12 Josh Rosenblatt

    No wonder WBNG was biased in their coverage of the District Attorney’s race. Did WBNG ever disclose one of their senior reporters was in a relationship with Christine Battisti’s sister?
  4. Endwellian

    Roads are awful! Stay home!

    Just drove from Endwell to Binghamton. It took me 45 minutes. Roads were horrible from Endwell all the way through Binghamton. If you don’t have to work, stay home. If you have a reasonable boss, they shouldn’t expect you at work today.
  5. Endwellian

    What does Battisti do now ?

    Paul and his rude wife, Joe Zikuski and John and Debra Butler should all leave town. No one wants them here. Hey, are there any good Black Friday deals on televisions Chief Butler? 😂
  6. Endwellian

    2019 DA's race: the winners and losers

    Don’t forget Christine Battisti currently has CVAC in a major lawsuit due to her actions releasing information about CVAC clients. I would also like to know what her education is and what qualifies her to work for CVAC.
  7. Endwellian

    2019 DA's race: the winners and losers

    With 3 candidates receiving votes, Battisti would have to take such a high percentage of the absentees over Korchak, it’s very unlikely he can win.
  8. Endwellian

    2019 DA's race: the winners and losers

    Zikuski and Butler should be fired. How could their bosses let them get so involved in a campaign? And I didn’t see Battisti’s wife using her job at Crime Victims during the campaign, but if she did, she needs to be fired.
  9. Endwellian

    Advice on the DA election

    I'm a Democrat for Korchak.
  10. Endwellian

    The 2019 Election MEME Contest

    Ginger is 100% incoherent and hijacked what was a pretty good thread with her ramblings.
  11. Endwellian

    What is going on at the United Way?

    This is a very good point. I didn't realize the instability at the United Way. They beg for millions of dollars every year. How can anyone donate to them with any confidence? They need to answer some questions. Are these directors not reaching the fundraising goals? The the former directors incompetent? Is the board of directors overbearing and unrealistic? Whatever the case is, the public deserves some kind of explanation.
  12. These are two people society must be protected from. If he comes to my door campaigning I'm calling the police on him for trespassing.
  13. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/kirsten-gillibrand-drops-out-of-the-presidential-race/
  14. Just walked in the door from work and caught the end of a story on WBNG. Anyone see it? Basically following the Broome County data breach, County Executive Jason Garnar sent letters to families of deceased individuals, stating their deceased loved ones' personal information may have been hacked. The problem is...the people are very much alive. The woman interviewed on WBNG said she received a letter saying her 5 year old son was deceased. What a disgusting oversight. How can this happen?