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  1. 27 Time World Champions

    This Guy gets it

    Couldn’t agree more
  2. 27 Time World Champions

    This Guy gets it

    Wait for the PM, Ginger darling. I’ll do my best to splain 😊
  3. 27 Time World Champions

    This Guy gets it

    Ginger, I’ll probably send you a PM later. I think you’ll find it interesting and I trust you enough to keep it to yourself. The death rate for people under 45 is essentially 0%. The death rate gets mildly significant when you're over 75, and significant when you're in a nursing home, where you go to die anyway. The IFR is in the 0.0n% rate across the country except for NYC, and we all know why this is. If the ambulance shows up from the nursing home with the old guy, do you ask where the pickup was? When you leave the ER for a more distant perspective shared by the rest of us, this disease is essentially the seasonal flu, which kills people in a certain demographic. I know people who work on the "front lines" who have a different perspective than the rest of us, who are seeing the most bizarre transformation in our daily lives in the history of this country, and who have no idea why THIS YEAR is suddenly different from, for example, 2009 when lots of people died from the flu. The IFR is low, quite comparable to the flu, and the rest of us who just want to go back to work don't understand why this year has been decided to be The Year We Go Apeshit Over Maybe Getting Sick, since it's really not that different except for the government response. The rest of us see the wildly inflated death coding, the masks which function as merely badges of honor/intelligence/civic virtue, the exponential expansion of local and state government power in the complete absence of any measurable benefit to anyone except the state, and the fear this insanity has wrought, to the extent that families are scared to let each other into their homes. This is a dystopian-nightmare screenplay being lived out across the world, FOR NO APPARENT LOGICAL REASON. I’m getting very tired of it, and it will be interesting to see how much more of it people are willing to put up with.
  4. 27 Time World Champions

    This Guy gets it

    Yes, I shit you not. I could explain more in a PM. Debating whether I should do that or not.
  5. 27 Time World Champions

    Columbus Park

    I agree, Ginger. King has come a long way. I remember pick up games in Columbus Park in the 80’s. King runs a clean program at Monmouth. He should have gotten the BU job.
  6. This is really sickening. Her family was not "allowed" to visit her in the hospital. So she died alone. "Allowed." I am ashamed of us all. https://thefederalist.com/2020/07/06/evil-coronavirus-rules-that-force-americans-to-die-alone-must-never-happen-again/
  7. 27 Time World Champions

    Will the NFL have a season this autumn

    Never mind Corona. Watch out for Stanton! This guy has been a curse since he put on the pinstripes.
  8. 27 Time World Champions

    This Guy gets it

    NYC is an urban hell, with a population density of 26,400 people per square mile, 67,000 per square mile in Manhattan. Can you see how that might be a problem in a pandemic? We had a refrigerated truck in Binghamton. It was never used. I get tested regularly. 9 tests so far. All negative. I’ll get tested again this week. My wife is a nurse. Also gets tested regularly. I won’t say where she works but will tell you she knows of approximately 50 people (patients and employees) who have tested positive. Guess what? Not one of them is sick. For those of you that think that falsified COVID-19 coding has not occurred, the evidence (unlike the bodies) is piling up.  COVID-19 is demonstrably NOT deadly to a large percentage of the population, so it doesn't matter how contagious it is. Your typing of the words does not make it so. I've presented the data several times, and I'm not going to look it up again. And since it's not deadly, "social distancing" and these sillyass masks worn by people on the street signal compliance, virtue, and a either a quasi-intellectual or very subservient personality. They show what Good Boys and Girls you are, and what you're willing to do to be perceived as going along to get along. And that is all they do. But they are absolutely accurate indicators of people I'm not going to have a conversation with, so maybe they are useful after all. If you take away people's jobs, bankrupt them, and lock them in their houses for 3 months, don't be surprised when they misbehave. The federal government fucked up when it deferred to Fauci, Birx, and the health/science bureaucrats with regard to policy suggestions. These people are clearly incompetent. The real fools here are state/county/local governments who deferred to Fauci et al when there was no reason to do so, and who have failed to correct their obvious mistakes since then. Every possible thing that could have been done wrong was done wrong. They should stop doing and let us deal with this the way contagious diseases have always been dealt with. You’re a good man, Wolf. Again, stay safe.
  9. 27 Time World Champions

    Kanye West running for POTUS...and the saddest part is...

    Kanye announced this in 2015
  10. 27 Time World Champions

    This Guy gets it

    BUT HOW MANY IS IT GOING TO KILL? That’s the only thing that matters. People get sick. Sometimes they get really sick. Usually they don't. They haven't this time, just like normal. The death rate is insignificant. The social consequences of your fear are catastrophic and has devastated the economy of the world. The more afraid you are, the more sense it makes to cower in fear. More dead of the disease, more fear of the disease. They are counting on that. This has been the MSM's job. Name me one hospital that has been overrun. I see no piles of dead bodies, a "pandemic" hysteria whipped up by the media and the worst economic and social catastrophe in history. I don't wear a mask when I go outside, because: 1. I don't currently have the virus, 2. Masks don't work, 3. The virus is a mild infection for everybody except the frail elderly, 4. I'm not around the frail elderly anyway, and 5. If I were around the frail elderly with a viral respiratory infection of any type I'd be a sorry sack of shit. I am not a sorry sack of shit. If the grocery store wants me to wear a mask, and I want to shop in the store, I will wear a mask -- it's the grocery store owner's store, not mine, and it's my decision about how important it is for me to shop in the store. But 25-year-old kids driving down the street by themselves in a car with the windows rolled up are fucking pussies. What do you deserve when you destroy a person's life work, savings, property, and mental health, and then, when presented with evidence that your actions were both unnecessary and harmful. you double-down to keep from having to admit you were wrong? Hell seems like a vacation.
  11. 27 Time World Champions

    Blasts over Binghamton

    Blasts over California as well. Incredible display! Fuck the Democrats!
  12. 27 Time World Champions

    This Guy gets it

  13. 27 Time World Champions

    Good riddance Ronnie Gorman

    Along with the nastiest set of Alabama mudflaps I have ever seen!
  14. 27 Time World Champions

    July 4 BBQ - what is everyone having?

  15. 27 Time World Champions

    Quick! Call a Social Worker