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  1. 27 Time World Champions

    2021 New York Yankees

  2. Good thing he has a warm, caring wife to go home to
  3. 27 Time World Champions

    Bill Clinton in Hospital but it’s Totally NOT COVID!

    He must have the chlamydia variant. Thoughts and prayers.
  4. 27 Time World Champions

    2021 New York Yankees

    Great analysis. The head of analytics for not just the Yankees but every MLB team needs to put on a suit and should have to answer to the media before and after games. These geeks have stayed hidden for too long. Bring ‘em out and let them explain themselves. Billy Martin ain’t walking through that door. And if he did…he’d be a corpse 💀
  5. Update as of May 28th ... VAERS is known to only receive a fraction of all adverse reactions & there is talk they are very far behind on their current reporting (due to being overwhelmed with reports of adverse reactions). He got it right the first time
  6. 27 Time World Champions

    How’s that COVID-19 “Vaccine” working out for you?

  7. 27 Time World Champions

    We will not be HOODWINKED by Mara Young Grace!

    In fairness, Mark did hit the game winning shot that sent BHS to Glenn Falls in 1985.
  8. 😂 🤣 😂 That would explain why he has more hair now than he did when he coached football in the 80’s
  9. “Ivermectin has shown strong anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects in numerous controlled and observational studies, reducing covid mortality even in severe cases by up to 90%.” Swiss Policy Research There is a group of physicians called the FLCCC that have been publishing their findings on COVID treatment: "The Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance was created by highly published critical care specialists from major academic medical centers with collectively over 1,000 medical publications." FLCCC Dr. Kory of the FLCCC recently presented in front of congress and urged them to look at the success that they, and many other physicians around the world, have been having with Ivermectin. Here is a 1-page summary of their findings: https://covid19criticalcare.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/One-Page-Summary-of-the-Clinical-Trials-Evidence-for-Ivermectin-in-COVID-19.pdf Here is a running list of studies on Ivermectin and COVID-19. 44 in total, 17 have been peer reviewed: https://c19ivermectin.com/ Ivermectin has been around for 40 years. It's used to treat parasites, scabies, malaria, etc. It's well tolerated. Side effects are rare. Contraindications are known and are well documented. Can anyone provide a compelling argument against the use of Ivermectin? Does anyone have their own stories to share?
  10. Apparently, I’m older than dirt because I have no clue who any of these people are. Dave Pessagno is a corrupt piece of shit. They should have made a last minute call to Ralph Muro and had him sing Sinatra songs. It would have brought the house down:
  11. 27 Time World Champions

    Reggie Jackson's Camaro up for bid

    If I only had the $$$$$
  12. 27 Time World Champions

    Unvaccinated health care workers in Broome County off job

    If you are unvaccinated, you are a Jew in Nazi Germany. Couldn't be more clear.And the narrative must be protected, even by the biggest fool they can find: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2021/10/biden_falsely_claims_vaccinated_people_cant_spread_covid_in_illinois_speech_promoting_vax_mandates.html
  13. 27 Time World Champions

    Kraham/Burns Chamber debate… a clear winner

    There’s only one choice. Ken Butler
  14. 27 Time World Champions

    2021 New York Yankees

    Aaron Judge is the only untouchable. Stanton is a beast if he’s healthy. Everybody else (including Cashman and Boone) are expendable
  15. 27 Time World Champions

    We will not be HOODWINKED by Mara Young Grace!

    Saw Mara at Wegman’s the other day. I reminisced about playing sports with her brother, Mark. I then wished her good luck. She looked at me, smiled, winked and said, “It’s in the bag!” It means nothing. It means everything.
  16. 27 Time World Champions

    We will not be HOODWINKED by Mara Young Grace!

    Truth be told…I just made that up (with some inspiration from Ohio 😉)
  17. 27 Time World Champions

    We will not be HOODWINKED by Mara Young Grace!

    As the Binghamton West Side goes, so goes the City
  18. 27 Time World Champions

    We will not be HOODWINKED by Mara Young Grace!

    Take a walk or a drive on the West Side of Binghamton. Every other house has a Mara sign out in front. The powers that be want her in and I don’t think anything or anybody is going to stop it from happening.
  19. Cargo ships anchored off NY and LA face 4-WEEK wait to berth and trains in Chicago are backed up 25 miles with global supply chain on the brink of collapse: Americans face shortages of cars, shoes and exercise gear as holiday season looms https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10049621/Cargo-ships-anchored-NY-LA-face-4-WEEK-wait-unload-amid-unprecedented-supply-chain-crisis.html
  20. 27 Time World Champions

    Where is John Solak and his Social Media Presence?

    Try getting that visual out of your head! 😳
  21. 27 Time World Champions

    Help! Looking to buy this item. Anybody know where I can find it?

    So true! The best reason to have Twitter.
  22. This was incredible. I’ve watched it 3 times so far. The 1986 Mets were my favorite team. Hopefully, Mets fans will have something to cheer about soon so they don’t have to keep looking back. 4 hours of great nostalgia. It includes footage I’ve never seen before. Most notably, Mookie Wilson running to first at an angle most people have never seen. No way Bob Stanley covers that bag in time if Buckner fields the ball. Also, no way Buckner gets to first base before Mookie. Runners at the corners with the game tied and HoJo at bat. Game over.