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  1. Kaz

    Sore Loser Francis

    Who is the "Francesco" listed as a co-plaintiff? Was he the one running the campaign?
  2. Kaz

    Snowstorm Hysteria Thread

    As of 8pm most area schools have already announced they are closed tomorrow. Interesting that they backed off the predictions to 9"-13", I saw 1 forecast this afternoon stating up to 18".
  3. Kaz

    What does Battisti do now ?

    Since Alexander and Catalano have split up may I suggest: Alexander and Battisti or Catalano and Battisti? He would fit right in to those commercials.
  4. Kaz

    Spectrum mobile

    FWIW - they use Verizon towers. If you currently have Verizon and get good coverage, then go for it if the pricing is better. If you are with AT&T or T-Mobile then choose one of the other MVNOs.
  5. Kaz


    You mean he bats for the 'home' team?
  6. Kaz


    That's for sure - we live in an age where a 'news' organization shelves a pedophile story because, if aired, it may hamper their chance to interview a celebrity? Are you kidding me? John Solak is the closest we get to journalism around here.
  7. Kaz

    What does this mean?

    He was drunk or high (maybe both) and hallucinated he saw a Bernie 2016 bumper sticker on your car. He meant to ask whether you "vote stupid".
  8. Kaz

    Younger Kids Don't know how to Work

    There's a huge shift in how our society handles responsibility and parenting. When I got in trouble as a kid, my parent's general rule was that I was guilty until proven otherwise - and even then, I was still somewhat guilty. We 'feared' out teachers, but we 'FEARED' our parents way more. Today, if a kid gets in trouble at school, more than likely either nothing will be done (almost a given if they are a minority) or the teacher will get in trouble because the parent(s) will side with the kid and complain up the food chain. Actually, if minorities get written up 'a lot' then the whole teaching staff will need to attend seminars on such subjects as discrimination, 'white privilege', etc. You would have to be crazy to be a teacher these days. I think it's crazy to be a parent these days too.
  9. Kaz

    Old car wash in Vestal

    They don't need to add extra salt, it's in the towel from drying the 20 cars before you. Assuming they actually swap out the towels, $19 is a sweet deal.
  10. Yup. Here's a depressing thought - in 20 years of living in my home I have now spent just as much on property taxes as I did to buy the house in the first place. So, to put it another way, if I sell my house for double what I paid for it (good luck with that), I break even. Maybe I should become mayor so I can get a favorable assessment for once.
  11. If the GOP manages to pass tax reform that removes the state and local taxes deduction NY will become a ghost town. No one will be able to afford to live here. Just keep on spending Andy!
  12. Kaz

    Bridge from Endwell to Vestal?

    Hasten the exit.
  13. Shouldn't that be the default? I mean, do they put a vault in the bank AFTER they get robbed? My favorite points about this breach is: 1) They didn't tell anyone about it for over 30 days - so the hackers got quite a bit head start on using the information. 2) When they did tell you about the breach they offered to sign you up for a 'free' year of credit monitoring service - except the fine print says doing so releases them from any legal action by you. So first their lack security allows data to be stolen on a massive scale, then they offer to 'protect' those whose data was stolen, but only if you give up their rights to sue them. Seriously, you cant make this stuff up. 3) They allow you to look up if you are one of the victims by.....you guessed it, entering your personal info on their website. God forbid THEY be proactive and actually notify the victims. The cherry will be I expect the CEO will receive a massive bonus this year for his exhaustive efforts to cover up this screw up.
  14. Kaz

    FBI Van

    What's so hard to understand about "Me love you long time"? Wait, what were we talking about again?
  15. Obviously not because there was nothing on the news about the compound being raided by the gubment due to hate crimes being committed there. Either that or the women were caucasian, in which case it was acceptable.