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  1. Kaz

    Broome County Landlords Unite Against Cuomo

    I believe this was the guy on WNBF: https://binghamtonpropertyownersunite.com/#learn-more
  2. With the media (in all it's forms) egging this on 24x7, it might be a while - and I'm not sure what will be left of this country in the end. Make no mistake - the media is responsible for most of what's happening. It's beyond dishonest and disgusting, it's treasonous. They need to be held accountable in the only way they understand - monetarily. I can't believe other countries have seen this for what it is - pure censorship of free speech - and banned some of this social media crap but in the US (land of the 'free'?????) this is allowed to go on. Like I always say - in order to get people to vote stupid, you have to make them stupid. Take a look around. Mission accomplished.
  3. According to anyone with any sign of brain activity, if you are Biden and are the only thing in the way of Kamala taking over.....sucks to be you.
  4. Kaz

    Impeachment 2021

    Reality is +1 or -1 would not have made any difference whatsoever.
  5. Kaz

    Dec 2020 record snow storm. Your stories

    Similar story. I shoveled the walkway around 10pm trying to save myself some work the next day, I'd say we had 9-10". Looked outside around 1:30 am and we had a few inches back onto where I shoveled - figured it would fizzle out since it was just flurries at that point. Next morning I look out the window and the snow is up over the deck railing - that's at least 36". We must have had a few hours of crazy amounts of snow coming down between 2 and 7am. TOU did a fairly good job given the sheer amounts involved, but the roads maintained by the Village of Endicott were a mess. Even days after the Town of Union had plowed the snow all the way back to the curb, some of Endicott's roads were barely enough to get 1 car through.
  6. Kaz

    Broome County covid map

    If this is accurate, we are actually doing a heck of a lot better than the rest of the state.
  7. Kaz

    Who will be first for vaccine

    " Dr. David Callender, president and CEO of Texas-based Memorial Hermann Health System, said a vaccine will not be the answer to the COVID-19 pandemic just yet." WHAT??? A CEO of a hospital system saying the vaccine will not be the end of the pandemic. Who would have guessed? The end of the pandemic will be when there is no more money to be made off of it.
  8. What's that old saying? Something about.......no honor among thieves....
  9. Kaz

    Solak censored by Twitter?

    Thank you for posting this info.
  10. Kaz


    I can't imagine how they can use that system to handle the volume I've seen in the past - unless they vastly improved what you can do online and convinced people to do it that way. The last few times I was there (pre-Covid) the place was absolutely packed - the benches in front of the tellers were filled, and there was 'standing room only' line from there to the door.
  11. Kaz

    SUNY Broome cancelation

    I see you graduated early 😉
  12. Kaz

    BCVoice Poll: Brindisi or Tenney?

    That's what should be done - not for just this House seat but the whole thing. With strict rules to be followed, not this 3 ring circus clown show.
  13. Kaz

    Bob Joseph has Covid 19

    Ummmm....Rules are for followers. BTW - Isn't the Ondecko family tied to Lourdes? Might mean a VIP suite if he ends up there.
  14. Kaz

    Donald Trump is about to shock the world.

    I hope so. This crap of finding (just enough) ballots a month after the election ended has got to stop. And once you start counting you don't stop - get 2, 3, or 4 shifts if you have to. All under direct supervision by BOTH parties. I don't believe in conspiracy theories but this election has so many irregularities that even a blind chipmunk counting ballots would be an improvement over our system.
  15. Kaz

    Goddammit: I really didn’t need this

    Sad to hear. Another great one lost.