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  1. Kaz

    Flash Flood Watch - Warning Again

    The people at the Binghamton NWS can just run a tape loop with the forecasts, watches and warnings for the foreseeable future.
  2. Kaz

    The media has finally turned on Cuomo

    I'm sure he got the Kavanaugh treatment, right? Oh wait, these witnesses actually remember where, when, and how - and it's not allegations of misconduct decades ago, it includes current staff, and he's a D. That means it gets swept under the rug and the victims get thrown under the bus. For the record, it's been 216 days since the 1st accuser came out.
  3. The Chinese will have stolen the plans and the product will be on the world market before the toner is even dry on the NYS Environmental Impact study of a proposed plant anywhere in this state.
  4. Kaz

    Broome County Airshow for the rich

    Well, they don't call it urnalism for nothing.
  5. Kaz

    Minneapolis Burning- The George Floyd saga

    How can someone be convicted of second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and manslaughter when there is one victim?
  6. Kaz

    Defund the police movement

    It would be nice if the person whose life was SAVED by that cop actually spoke out and said something like "Thank You officer, my life matters'. Don't hold your breath.
  7. Kaz

    Minneapolis Burning- The George Floyd saga

    I was watching a live-stream of the pre-riot/peaceful protest the other night and the mayor of that town was amongst her 'people' declaring they should settle for nothing less than a murder charge. As for Maxine - how is this any different then the situation where Trump supposedly 'enticed' violence? It's a no win situation. If the guy is found not guilty the peaceful protesters will burn the city down. If he is found guilty they will move the big tent to the next town/trial and threaten violence unless they get the 'right' verdict. So much for a fair trial of 12 of your peers. I have a feeling we are barely at the point where we jumped out of the plane. Wait until we get a little further along and try to deploy the chute only to find the strings have been cut.....
  8. Kaz

    Gasoline prices rise

    Anti-fossil fuel/anti-energy independence party controls the presidency and congress...and gas prices go up?
  9. Kaz

    $500 for a ticket to the Dick's Open

    She 'feels' your pain.
  10. Kaz

    Binghamton Devils leaving town

    Something I have always found odd - Why does the Broome County Chamber of Commerce spend money to run ads HERE promoting the area? They have a select few local business owners/execs telling the locals how lucky they are to live here vs. running the ads in other markets to try to get people to move here. Actually, the latter really would be a waste of money since we just bus them in, we need ads locally to convince the locals to stay and fund the gravy train.
  11. Kaz


    I don't know what's left there - most of it (east of McKinley, on North St.) looks vacant and has been that way for many years. It's pretty sad for people who grew up here during IBM's hayday. The building directly across from the Watson office (not sure if that used to house Security or Personnel) is just falling apart. I really wish they would level those just to eliminate the eyesore. Of course there is no hurry because, IIRC, the Maines/Matthews clan got an 80% reduction in assessment years ago so they may be paying less per sq. ft. for an industrial complex than most people pay on their residence. Yup, the off shore people got on-the-job paid training to eventually take those jobs away. In the usual warped short sighted fashion, I'm sure the responsible IBM execs and CEO got big bonuses for that. The US based workers got....the shaft.
  12. Kaz

    Now That is A Damn Shame.

    I must have missed footage of the politicians calling for defunding the Captial Police. Oh wait, they want to defund our police. I see how that works now.
  13. Kaz


    If I am to believe what has been said over the last 40 years (or more) - that MJ is a gateway to harder drugs - the dealers have absolutely nothing to worry about. They will have a booming business soon. As for your last sentence - we took that fork in the road a while back. Lately we are just adding bricks onto the accelerator.
  14. Kaz

    The media has finally turned on Cuomo

    1st sexual harassment accuser came out on December 13, 2020. 8 more have come forward since then. 107 days (and counting) - he is still in office.
  15. Kaz

    NY Legalizes Marijuana

    OK, I'll play along. NYPD is working on ending Qualified Immunity for it's officers. That means that there will no longer be a legal 'shield' around them and you will be able to sue a police officer. "Qualified immunity is the practice of not being able to file a civil lawsuit against a government official performing his or her official duties unless they "clearly established statutory or constitutional rights of which a reasonable person would have known."" So my question is, when will Qualified Immunity be terminated for Cuomo, Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Carl Heastie so that all the families of people that get injured or killed by drivers under the influence of pot can sue them for promoting it? We already have a problem with alcohol DWI, let's make MJ more readily available...what can possibly go wrong?