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  1. ABrAcAdABrA

    Storage facilities

    CG, PM me, i've got space in JC. tried to send u a message, but had difficulties @
  2. ABrAcAdABrA

    Wegman's in Kirkwood?

    They bought a modern looking 15,000 SF building in an industrial park for pennies on the dollar, no new store. @
  3. ABrAcAdABrA


    Well said BT It's as simple as that!
  4. ABrAcAdABrA

    Pit Bull

    And your numbers are based on what?
  5. ABrAcAdABrA

    Pit Bull

    Try throwing a stick, the pitt will play with it. He's probably lonely and just wants to play. If he did not agressively attack anything, don't get upset about him showing his teeth. The breed has a very intimidating growl, it's just the way they communicate. I am presently training my new pitt not to growl, they are intimidating, but a very loving and friendly animal. @
  6. ABrAcAdABrA

    Concert Review

    Missed the first 2 acts, saw dead man (which is why I went) and then hinder. I'm not a fan of hinder, they lack true rock-n-roll status. Their songs are top 40 melodies. I really enjoy shows with video effects, which none had. As for the sale of alcohol on premises, like the poster above me mentioned...tailgate or pre-game before the show. With the absence of Magic City, this area has no venues large bands want to stop for; however, there are multiple venues in an hour radius were you can still catch a good show. @
  7. ABrAcAdABrA

    One City Block in Detroit

    Its got to be a street/block ready for re-development, none of the houses shown have electric service.
  8. I think this line takes the cake. In other words, you don't know who/what firm is involved, but it's their fault. @
  9. ABrAcAdABrA

    does anyone work from home?

    Home Business for last 16 years!!!!
  10. ABrAcAdABrA

    Giant market misleads consumers on milk

    Doesn't the "Giant" brand milk come from Crowley's?
  11. ABrAcAdABrA


    That very well could have come from the toughest guy I ever saw
  12. ABrAcAdABrA

    Chenago & Henry Street

    Probably a ground breaking ceremony for the new bus hub.
  13. ABrAcAdABrA

    Stupid Criminal

    Wasn't that a TV commercial? =
  14. ABrAcAdABrA

    FOUND: Pit bull on Rt. 11 in Kirkwood

    The Humane Society is closed on Mondays, Don't bring it to Upper Front St., they'll put him/her down.
  15. Our company has used Overhead Door Co., for over 25 years and has never had an issue. Material is there when promised, experienced installers and no BS. Now, their price may be higher compared to others, but check the spec's: gauge of steel, insulated, weather kits....etc. You get what you pay for.