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  1. Auntie M.

    Where was Baron Trump?

    I'm betting they did. That was a good one, Wolf!
  2. Auntie M.

    Where was Baron Trump?

    NBC commented that he was already on board Air Force One
  3. Auntie M.

    Solak censored by Twitter?

    His Facebook page says he's back on Twitter @JohnSolak4
  4. Auntie M.

    OLUMS major layoffs??? 50 let go in last week?

    Yes, Olum's is in Vestal. The one on Clinton St. closed quite some time ago.
  5. Auntie M.

    Merry Christmas to Everyone here at BCVoice.

    Merry Christmas!!
  6. Auntie M.

    Spectrum TV Interuptions

    Same here!
  7. Auntie M.

    Body shop

    Had great results at Terenzi's.
  8. So sorry for your loss......it hurts to lose our fur babies.....
  9. Auntie M.


    After seeing a city plow only once previously, last night the DOT trucks showed up on my street on the Southside of Binghamton and made at least six passes through, cleaning and widening the street. This was followed shortly afterwards by the city trucks. I was beginning to feel like we were never going to be able to get off our street. I feel sorry for anyone in the city who still might not be plowed out yet. It is a frustrating situation indeed.
  10. Auntie M.

    Ugh! Windows!

  11. Auntie M.

    Local Doctor Dr. "Ram"

    I agree with you wholeheartedly!!
  12. Auntie M.

    Scum bag hit and run driver

    Suspect in custody. Press conference to be held at 2 PM today.
  13. Auntie M.

    Good Elderly Care

    I agree 100000%. My elderly mother had been a patient of his for many years. She was hospitalized and passed very quickly. Dr Ram was there in less than 5 minutes to pronounce her, but the image that I will never forget is the one of him standing at her bedside with his head bowed and praying. When he turned around to give me a hug he had tears in his eyes. That's one hell of a doctor!! I will forever be grateful for the exceptional care he provided her and the kindness he and his staff showed our family at the time of her passing.
  14. Auntie M.

    Deka Car Batteries

    I enjoyed your response Spuds, it made me chuckle out loud and, no, I'm not being a wise ass! My whole point of saying anything at all was because it made my heart heavy to read the responses UF received to such an innocuous request. I don't know him personally but I know from reading past posts of his that he is an older gentleman and I guess I just have a soft spot for the elderly. Anyway, I assure you that I am far from being a "pain in the ass butinsky", although I'm sure you're having your doubts at the moment. Yes, you were kind enough to eventually give UF the information he was requesting but you, unfortunately, had to preface that with a disparaging remark about his reading comprehension and/or computer skills. And Mr. Gump felt it necessary, for some reason, to resort to name calling...."num nuts". I don't know, maybe I'm oversensitive due to what I see on the news every day, and how people treat one another so poorly anymore, but I just don't understand why it's necessary to treat folks like that. In my eyes, it's disrespectful. So, Mr. Spuds, that being said, we will just have to agree to disagree on how to speak to people. I am on my way out for dinner and I wish you and Mr. Gump a pleasant evening!