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  1. Auntie M.

    Peterson's Tavern

    Their Facebook page says closed for "spring cleaning and upgrades".
  2. Auntie M.

    Drunk PA resident Marty Smith on Mara Grace

    How exactly does one turn a man gay?
  3. Auntie M.


    Now there's a priceless and well educated response! I'm just thankful that she stopped short of describing every piece of food contained in her vomitus. Who knows, maybe we'll be regaled with those details later, once she done cleaning up her "power vomit"! Again, in spite of everything, I do hope she's feeling better. Have a healthy day, PeteMoss!
  4. Auntie M.


    I expected a warning or notification about a virus going around. What I didn't expect was to be subjected to every gory detail. You can defend her all you like, but that post was disgusting and totally uncalled for. I suspect most would agree, if they're being honest.
  5. Auntie M.


    I couldn't agree more. If Ginger wanted to forewarn everyone that there's a "bug" going around, that's all well and good, but we didn't need to hear, in graphic and disgusting detail, about her illness. Personally, I can't begin to imagine why anyone would feel the need to post such a thing! That being said, I hope she feels better soon.
  6. Auntie M.

    Where was Baron Trump?

    I'm betting they did. That was a good one, Wolf!
  7. Auntie M.

    Where was Baron Trump?

    NBC commented that he was already on board Air Force One
  8. Auntie M.

    Solak censored by Twitter?

    His Facebook page says he's back on Twitter @JohnSolak4
  9. Auntie M.

    OLUMS major layoffs??? 50 let go in last week?

    Yes, Olum's is in Vestal. The one on Clinton St. closed quite some time ago.
  10. Auntie M.

    Merry Christmas to Everyone here at BCVoice.

    Merry Christmas!!
  11. Auntie M.

    Spectrum TV Interuptions

    Same here!
  12. Auntie M.

    Body shop

    Had great results at Terenzi's.
  13. So sorry for your loss......it hurts to lose our fur babies.....
  14. Auntie M.


    After seeing a city plow only once previously, last night the DOT trucks showed up on my street on the Southside of Binghamton and made at least six passes through, cleaning and widening the street. This was followed shortly afterwards by the city trucks. I was beginning to feel like we were never going to be able to get off our street. I feel sorry for anyone in the city who still might not be plowed out yet. It is a frustrating situation indeed.