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  1. sportsexpert

    Chenango Forks Superintendent

    I believe this is true. State regulation without funding is the problem. State keeps punching down unfunded mandates and local districts have to make up the difference. Add the tax cap and the burden falls more on the local districts. Bait and switch is all it is.
  2. sportsexpert

    $40,000,000 upgrade to Floyd Maines Arena

    $40 million?!?!? Can’t wait to see the improvements. I think there is something fishy going on here. Arena isn’t even worth $40 million??
  3. sportsexpert

    Local News Stations?

    lol!! March Madness is the biggest thing to see/watch and you want to see Howie and the local weather?!?! Get a smart phone dude?!?!?
  4. sportsexpert

    Daily Post Limit

    Lol!! You think something you say would hurt me? Third graders have more wit and sass than you.
  5. sportsexpert

    Trump introduced as "Leader of the World" in South Korea

    CNN also said Trump will win in 2020!?!? Anyway, South Korea is sucking up because they know they need our help if shit hits the fan on the Korean Peninsula. Is a good example of one of your quality posts?!?!? http://www.pewglobal.org/2017/06/26/u-s-image-suffers-as-publics-around-world-question-trumps-leadership/
  6. sportsexpert

    Trumpsim takes a Hit on Election Day

    Well if MAGA was for real, wouldnt a blue state turn red? And wasnt Christie a republican? And now there is a democratic governor?
  7. sportsexpert

    Trumpsim takes a Hit on Election Day

    Fake News!! http://www.cnn.com/interactive/2017/politics/state/donald-trump-2020-nomination/
  8. sportsexpert

    Daily Post Limit

    LA, totally true. The Hitler, ANTIFA bullshit is pure drivel. Mulligan and 1775 come from the same type of obsessive compulsive disorder. P&C, MAGA? What happened yesterday in New Jersey and Virginia? Trumpism is dead.
  9. sportsexpert

    Trumpsim takes a Hit on Election Day

    The correction has begun.
  10. sportsexpert

    Daily Post Limit

    Caveman and ORPR you are a true blockheads!! So you are criticizing me for not having an issue with Mulligans volume of posts because his views were liberal (even though I did). Now 1775 is posting at a volume that is comparable to Mulligan, and you dont have a problem with it?? Why? Because 1775 views are conservative? Call the kettle black please? You are such idiots. Sorry.
  11. sportsexpert

    Daily Post Limit

    Some members post waaaaaaay to much on this site. Maybe a daily post limit would eliminate some of the over repetitive posting by some?? Hmm 1775??? When someones name dominates the post board and they have posted on the same thread multiple times in a row, please get a life!?!?!?
  12. Can you provide proof of the Trump affect you are referring to please? Thanks. Im trying to inform myself.
  13. sportsexpert

    Constitutional Convention 2017

    So according to your cliche, Republicans are the sheep and the Democrats are the wolves? The electoral college had its time, and its time has passed. No one can argue that some votes should count, and some should not count, unless your Trump. In addition, the EC distorts the presidential race because both parties write off the more than 40 states that they know they either cant win, or cant lose. Lastly, an individual citizen in Wyoming has more than triple (almost quadruple) the weight in electoral votes as an individual in California.
  14. First of all, being a leader and being in charge are not the same thing. The leader of a military operation or of a medical operation, for that matter clearly would do well to exhibit leadership qualities, but they are also, most definitely, in charge. They tell team members to do things, and those people do them. The whole process would fail if that didnt happen. Few people would quibble at the description of Nelson Mandela as a leader, but he was not in charge of anything in his final few decades. And even when he was president of South Africa, it wasnt his being in charge that made him a leader. Trump might be in charge, but he is no leader. Being a leader means you are in charge. Being in charge, doesnt mean you are a leader. Second, its hard to take you seriously 1775, not that you care what I think, but this site has become inundated with your posts. Its almost like you are having a conversation with yourself. Put the phone down and just talk to yourself?