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  1. Independent

    Garnar's version of the Data Breach

    This must be a watered down version they trying to spin it's only 5 months later Gee how can Garnar be so reckless! 5 months later!!!! What i'm i saying 6 MONTH'S Later!!!!!
  2. Independent


    From what i'm told Jason Garnar today will try to down play the severity of the hacking (which took place in January of this year) County Computers and what was taken in the breach. People that work for the County should check their credit ratings because of the breach County Employee Social Security Numbers were also compromised along with Sensitive Medical Information. This should not be taken lightly by the Media! Not all County employees were contacted and told of the hacking which they had a right to know at the time it happened. Shame on Jason Garnar! 5 Month's later come on Jason, i knew you were slow but 5 month's?
  3. Independent


    From what we have learned here at BCVOICE is the monies taken (40,000 to 60,000 and it could be more) by the HACKERS was deposited in a BOGUS UNTRACEABLE ACCOUNT and more than likely these HACKERS will NEVER BE CAUGHT. 60 minutes ran a story of a similar case just weeks ago with another County in New York State being taken for even more money. That County at least notified everyone who was effected by the breach and the loses. Social Security Numbers of County Employees may also been taken in Broome County by Hackers. We like to know who's running the show over there at the County? Broome County had to go into another Account to use those funds to cover the loses of the monies taken to pay those County Employees affected by the security breach!
  4. The Brouhaha surrounding the alleged strip-search of Binghamton middle school girls has apparently loosened the rock from under which a group calling themselves PLOT has crawled. This "group" (Progressive Leaders Of Tomorrow,) has no formal existence outside of social media posts and after reading them, you can see why no one would want their actual name attached to this hate-filled mob. Self-describing as radical agitators, anti-capitalist, misandryst, racists, (based on their own postings and public statements,) they appear to be the black version of the KKK. For example, recent social media posting call both Binghamton Mayor Richard David and Broome County District Attorney Steven Cornwell white supremacists. PLOT demanded the firing of Binghamton school officials involved with this reported strip-search allegation even before any investigation had taken place. So much for due process and the rule of law. This mob represents angry malcontents placing blame on everything and anybody without a hint of self-examination or introspection, accepting zero responsibility for their own failings in life, resulting from their own poor decision making, but blamed on everyone else. This mob seeks their own affirmation as the sole arbiters of justice and truth, but only when it goes their way. Some PLOTS thicken, this PLOT sickens.
  5. Anyone can post and read no matter who or where they are from I take no sides here.
  6. In 1951, RKO Radio Pictures tried to compose a film noir entitled "The Sins of Sarah Ferry". The story was about a courthouse clerk in Binghamton, New York who finds herself falling in love with a beautiful liar whose accused of armed robbery as well as a hit run charge involving a death. The cast would have starred Laraine Day, Fred MacMurray, Yvonne De Carlo, Hugh Beaumont, Glenn Ford, Howard Duff and Evelyn Keyes, with the studio wanting to shoot on location in Binghamton and neighboring Johnson City. This project never materialized because the plot was considered to close of a generic step-up of Double Indemnity (1944) and the studio never received a reply via phone call or standard mail from the Binghamton Courthouse or then Mayor Donald Kramer granting them permission to film on location in the area and negotiate a fair range of payment. Based on that neglect, the studio immediately canceled this project and moved on. I found on this on a site about actors (Fred MacMurray and Glenn Ford) . I was in shocked when i read it.
  7. Independent

    Endwell 1960's Questions

    The picture of Henry's Hamburgers is around 1962 or 1963 i believe it closed that location around 70 or shortly after.
  8. Just a announcement to tell the residents of Binghamton that John Cordisco is in the run for City Council and we support him! Good Luck John we support you. More on this soon.
  9. Hey where's that exclusive writer of the Binghamton Press Anthony Borrielli on this story! Notta on this one maybe because of his tight connections to Fast Freddie?
  10. Independent

    BinghamtonBill makes return to BCVoice

    Sorry Tony I 've been very busy and just forgot to let everyone know the Voice is BACK!!!
  11. Independent

    Welcome Back to BCVoice!

    I would like to welcome everyone back to BCVoice. We have been undergoing an upgrade as you can see, over the last several months. We have some big stories and surprises coming your way, and we are proud to welcome back some infamous BCV members, who have a lot on their mind! I hope you enjoy the site, and bear with us as we work through some final glitches.
  12. Independent

    Is there anybody out there?

    Must be Jason Garnar at it again! Nice to see your still here Jason.
  13. Independent

    Is there anybody out there?

    I'm here this is Independent hope you all like the new look of BCVoice. A big thanks to Net 2000 for helping with the tech issue's to getting it done. Dan and Steff are the greatest friends i know.
  14. Welcome back sir!