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  1. Independent


    Fauci is a lying POS. He's pissed because he got caught lying to the American 🇺🇸 Public about the Virus and his support to the Wuhan lab. Thank God for Rand Paul to find the truth from this parisite who is profiting from the vaccine. He is responsible for unleashing this virus nightmare on us. Question I have is when will this nightmare stop? Fauci has BLOOD on his hands.
  2. Independent

    Happy Birthday Garo Kachadourian!

    Thank You MADD
  3. Independent

    Happy Birthday Garo Kachadourian!

  4. Independent

    Happy Birthday Garo Kachadourian!

    Thank You All Again!!
  5. Independent

    Happy Birthday Garo Kachadourian!

    I haven’t been on in a few days and just saw this. I want to thank all my friends for the nice Birthday greetings given to me. It was nice to hear from you all. Thank You very much.
  6. Independent

    Downtown Binghamton rape

    Believe me when I say this all contrived by Mike Korchak and Mark Loughran to discredit Steve Cornwell and Jim Worhach to taint them to the public. This is only way they can do anything so as to make the public believe their guilty when their not. Using the media to there advantage to smear Steve Cornwell and Jim Worhach which is an abuse of power by Korchak and Loughran to also discredit Jim for his sworn Affidavit concerning Garo Kachadourian. This will all come out at trial to reverse the tables on Korchak and Loughran and their lies. Steve Cornwell and Jim Worchach are Guilty of nothing.
  7. Independent

    Downtown Binghamton rape

    I have to address the post’s attacking Mayor David. He sold his building 5 years ago and has no connection to this rape issue or the buildings in question where the alleged drugging and rape occurred, that I do know. It’s not fair to attack someone who’s not at all involved. There is no evidence he had anything to do with this. NONE!!!
  8. Independent

    Downtown Binghamton rape

    Actually there is and I know one. One is all that’s needed. From what I know it only takes one there may just be more. But what is troubling is the investigation itself and who is the lead on the investigation. This investigation should not be in the hands of a local law agency Not a good thing. Why hasn’t there been a press conference to give some in site to what is alleged or of the arrest or if there is a out standing warrant and why the Binghamton Police Department had the case taken away from them. Listen everyone it Stinks to high Heaven.
  9. I want express my feelings to all readers and posters of the BCV Family at this time. Merry Christmas to all and hoping we all have a better New Year. 🙂
  10. Independent

    VIDEO: Binghamton nurse assaults child

    Thank you Wolfe! Ginger your a your a Treasure to BCV as is Wild Wolfie. You as well 2Pelo Honey you all give good perspectives and content. That’s why BCV has become a driving force compared to the Binghamton Rag today’s paper as i just looked at, it’s a Joke in our community. Many stories are weeks and days ahead of our local joke of a paper. Many here at Danny’s Diner are buying the NY Post or the Scranton paper which has more of our local news then the Rag.
  11. Independent

    Downtown Binghamton rape

    I can tell our readers that the New York Post is on this Story. They Were Notified a week ago of what happened here in good old Corrupt Broome County!!! Oh and by the way... Lorretta James our AG has been notified at her office in Albany! If you have to ask why it's way over your head, this may be why!
  12. Independent

    VIDEO: Binghamton nurse assaults child

    Oh my God does this women take care of patients at the Psyc Center? If she does she should be watched or taken out of that Department! Hitting this little girl in the head and face and speaking to her using that Language is unexceptable and discusting. That poor little girl you can't help but feel sorry for the child.
  13. Independent

    VIDEO: Binghamton nurse assaults child

    It would be enlighting to find out who the JUDGE was!!!!! Did the JUDGE see this Video!!!!!!!!!! Of course we know who the DA and his senior Asst. DA is and he's not much better!!! Not only the Judge but also the DSS Child protective agency workers who are SCUM of the EARTH and the other Departments who are just as bad!!! I could write a book about them and their BS antics just to justify their worthless jobs!!!!!!! DSS = SCUMBAGSS!!!!!!! Did the JUDGE see this Video!!!!!!!!!! It shows the level of Corruption in Broome County!!!!!!!
  14. Independent

    Downtown Binghamton rape

    This one says it all it only took one poor girl to bring attention to what was going on. That being said of course the others would be to scared to come forward till they messed and hurt the wrong girl. Stupid is what Stupid does. I feel for the girls and there Mothers and Fathers of these poor girls. The courage it took for just one poor girl to come forward says it all about her good upbringing.
  15. Independent

    Downtown Binghamton rape

    I unhid this post for the obvious reason I personally was told by the person so close to this investigation it would burn you. This person told me who the poor child was not by name of course to protect this poor girl. So don’t give me a load of crap like it didn’t happen because one of those protesters signs says it all. Let me say this they’re lucky a father of the girls doesn’t take matters into his own hands. I wasn’t going to say anything about this but one business owner I had an exchange with accually had the nerve to defend his neighbors.