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  1. dlinclimo

    Scandal at East Middle School

    Nothing but an attempt at a quick payday...
  2. dlinclimo

    Matthews ads. Enough already.

    Cory Rosen did the same thing with Checker Cab. For like two weeks before they even opened you couldn't turn on a radio without hearing his annoying ads with his 722-2227 number. That's 722-2227.. For the finest cabs in Broome County Call Checker Cab Sevens on the ends, twos in the middle and if your one of those customers who likes numbers that spell things we can do that too, it's 722 CABS, that's 722 cabs for the finest taxis in broome county don't forget 722 CABS That's 722 cabs!!! Every 15 minuted for two weeks amd then once an hour after the opened..Hundreds of people wanted to punch him right in the head but it worked. When they opened they had ringing phones from day one.
  3. Allow me to retort: Forgive me for not responding sooner but I have a business to run and paying attention to mindless dribble isn't top priority. I do however feel that those with common sense should get a fair explaination so they don't think that a company, with as good of a reputation as we have gotten, isn't out overcharging out of town visitors.This response is directed at those who deserve to know what happened, our customers and the general public that has been so good to us. This will be my one and only responce to this as I'm sure that soon after this is posted it will be edited or deleted along with my user name. It's just as well because I've signed in like 4 times over the past year or so. Sadly Wednesday September 12 one of my drivers overcharged a customer that he picked up at the Binghamton Riverwalk Hotel and took to the East Side of Binghamton. We as a company have prided ourselves on being different than all the other cab companies and when we fall short we must take our lumps for it. I find it highly un professional and a bit outer spacie that a grown man, such as the starter of this topic is suposed to be, would go to such great lengths to blow what was nothing more than a simple misunderstanding straight off the planet with lies, over exagerations and delusional stories. That being said, let's bring this back down to earth. The Binghamton Riverwalk called my dispatch, as they have been doing since the day I opened up, and requested 2 cabs to take 8 people to Cortese Restaurant. Car 1 and car 3 were sent there and told to each get 4 people. They arrived and loaded their people and the driver of car 1 told the disatcher over the radio "We both have ours and we are on the way." The dispatcher responded "Thank you sir, you'll have 8$ each." The driver of car 1 understood that to mean 8$ per car load and charged the correct price. The driver of car 3 mis understood the meaning and charged 8$ per person. They paid it, requested his personal cell number to take them back to the hotel when they were done, and even tipped him 5$. He then went to the Greyhound station to wait for his next call. While he was there he said to the driver of car 1, "Man, don't you think 8$ each was a bit much? The driver of car 1 responded by telling him that he had only charged 8$ for the car. The driver of car 3 IMMEDATELY told the dispatcher that he screwed up and was going back to give them back the 24$ they were overcharged. By this time the customer found out from his friends that they were overcharged and called the driver on his cell phone understandably upset that he was overcharged. The driver went back to Cortese and not only gave back the 24$ and the 5$ tip but he also refuned the 8$ fare that it should have been. In addition to that, the driver was so upset that it happened he gassed his car and went home almost in tears. If you knew the driver that it was you would understand that he doesn't have it in him to rip someone off. Sorry to say it like this but he just isn't smart enough to do so. His father pulled him out of school at 10 years old to read maps for him while he drove tractor trailors from state to state. He can't read or spell but you put a map in front of him and he's a genious. He's from Alabama and has no education. He was educated in being kind, hard working and honest. Rather than collect welfare or SSI he works doing what he can to support his family. He's my GPS driver. Spell it for him and he's there. The next morning I personally went to the Riverwalk to explain to the manager what had happened and was told that not only were they aware of it they also knew what the real story was and I could rest easy knowing that they and their customers "Love us and our service and are going to continue use us exclusively because we have never done them wrong." So for kicks lets do the math: Car 1 charged 8$ Car 3 charged 32$ Car 3 returned 37$ with the tip Total charge for 2 cars= 8$ Where the OP came up with 67$ is a mystery. Only thing I can come up with is it was done for shock value. Even if BOTH cars overcharged it still wouldn't total 67$. It was a 24$ overcharge that was returned along with the fare. As far as the attacks on me personally, it's beneith me to respond to base less lies and stories being told by someone that hasn't got a clue. I stopped reading this topic after the daughter of the OP started attacking my employees and me personally with her child like tantrum so I'll leave it at this. A standing rule I tell everyone new to the cab business: Trust none of what you hear and only half of what you see. Those who don't know talk. Those who know, don't talk. Oh and for the record, I don't have any cars older than 03. I have 1 03 Mercury Grand Marquis Ultimate Eddition with 280k, 2 04 Towncar L series and one 05 Towncar L series. High mileage but they look and run beautiful. They came from limo services that took VERY good care of them. You would never know they were as high as they are. I invite you to check out our Facebook page and see for yourself. Some people should worry about mowing their own lawn before they look at their neighbors lawn and complain. Thank you for your time. Darin Cox (Broome Taxi Service)
  4. dlinclimo

    Problem with that Shedding Pussy?????

    When he did the Slap Chop, I had to watch the commercial a second time....... Wasn't sure that he said, "Your gonna love my nuts." WOW...... My kid said "Dad, Did he really say that?"......
  5. dlinclimo

    Hey Garo

    Hat's off Garo.... It is nice to stop by and not see the short bus parked out front... @
  6. dlinclimo

    Understand But...

    That's what I read on the truck stop bathroom wall.....
  7. dlinclimo


    ha, funny part is, that probably what he looked like thirty years ago.
  8. dlinclimo

    Happy Birthday Garo

    Happy Birthday Garo
  9. dlinclimo

    Camera Crews Tailing Poilce

    It was for an episode of Campus Cops. They rode for one weekend.
  10. Maybe he just wants a bone Gotta be nice to the dogs too.....
  11. dlinclimo

    Car trouble

    A friend of mine had the same problem with her 99 Intrigue. When it first started happening if she left her key in the on position for 2-3 minutes it would start. The longer it went on, the longer it would take to start. When she finally took it in they changed the ignition because it kept tripping the security light. Not a problem since.
  12. dlinclimo

    Happy Birthday Dan Lord

    Happy Birthday Dan
  13. dlinclimo

    Upstate New York

    Well I've always said, this is Binghamton, if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes..... @
  14. dlinclimo

    The Hit and Run Car in the Picture

    I'm saying Camry because of the space between the rear lights. It's to narrow of a space to be an Acura. The Acuras have more of a space between the lights and I still think the hood looks like it was hit and buckled. And as Garo pointed out, there is no body line as most Acuras have.....Camry or Solara
  15. dlinclimo

    The Hit and Run Car in the Picture

    I still think it looks like an older Camry and if you look close at the front it sure looks like the hood is krinkled...... @