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  1. ndirish

    Like a Boss

    I believe you are allowwed to bring your own coolers (up to a certain size) into NASCAR events.
  2. ndirish

    Bloomberg Hillary 2020

    Yes, please....
  3. What a beautiful stadium complex. Dozens of fans will enjoy it over the years.
  4. Obviously the donor can designate any program they wish to support, but I think it's kind of ridiculous to pour $60mm into a low level baseball program that will benefit relatively few students.
  5. ndirish

    2019 Tax Returns

    I've done ours online for years. You just basically answer the questions they ask. ("Did you...work in 2019 and receive a W2, ......pay property taxes....get married......sell stocks...etc" If you say yes, it takes you to the next screen where you fill in the info. It's fun. The best part is up in the corner is a running tab of what you'll owe or what your refund will be. You can watch it go up or down with each set of info you enter.
  6. ndirish

    2019 Tax Returns

    Check out Tax Hawk. You can do both state and fed taxes for free there.
  7. ndirish

    MacArthur School

    I know a guy who worked on the construction. He says that that wood siding should be washed and sealed every 1-2 years. It doesn't appear that is being done. I don't know if it's mold, mildew, or just dirt and aging -- but it looks awful!
  8. ndirish

    Merry Christmas to Everyone here at BCVoice.

    Merry Christmas to all who read and post on BCVoice!
  9. ndirish

    Hitler finds out about the DA's race (video attached)

    Worked fine on laptop. Excellent! My compliments to whomever did this.
  10. ndirish

    Hitler finds out about the DA's race (video attached)

    Not sure why, but I’m not seeing the captions. I’m using iPhone. Will try later on laptop.
  11. ndirish

    Second racial complaint filed against Joe Zikuski

    It'd have a lot more credibility if his attorney wasn't Ronald R. Benjamin.
  12. ndirish

    Local girl, Jackie Siegel continues to wow!

    I've never heard of her. FRom Binghamton?
  13. ndirish

    The Little White Church in Conklin

    I remember their TV show from when I was a kid in Binghamton.
  14. ndirish

    Protesters at Columbus parade

    Glad they arrested some of those losers. That's not the time nor the place for that type of protest,