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    Horrible accident in Binghamton

    That twitter post had nothing to do with the incident on Beethoven St. Stop trying to push whatever your agenda is by acting as if that comment had any correlation to the original topic. Shame on you.
  2. mickey13905

    Santa-con in Binghamton

    Not sure where one day at the end of the fall school year where the students have an event during the day constitutes that "everything revolves around drinking." The fact that you see so many students walking is proof positive that they take proper precautions not to drive. Certainly moreso than my generation. Does that create some unwanted noise and chaos throughout the routes back to where they live? Sure. That's what young people in a college town bring with them. But it is much less concerning than the usual array of stabbings, shooting or drug busts that normally fill the police beat. And if an event raised money for a charity, then what's the big deal? You mentioned that other organizations could help T4Ts. I think that'd be great as well. But because certain businesses cater to the BU nightlife, they should be excluded from helping a cause. Just seems odd to me. You stated you don't have a problem with drinking, but that claim strikes me as dubious. Because that's precisely what you're complaining about. You made a leap to presume these students are driving drunk. Merely look at the weekly DWI blotter and you might take notice that rarely if ever do BU students appear. Yes, college students enjoy having fun, including drinking, often to excess. However, when it comes to DWI, they should be applauded for they're general responsibility. As for out of towners perception. I'm sure they're far less concerned with young people having fun for a day as opposed to the normal problems out area has. Fact is, Parade Day, which dwarfs this SantaCon in terms of people and drinking is the day of the year out city brings in the most visitors. Perhaps Binghamton does have a reputation for gangs, drugs and drunks as you suggest. If that's the case, a day where young people all have fun and God forbid some goes towards charity should only upgrade the reputation you speak of. Then you make a leap saying police are turning a blind eye and call out mayor a deviant. Not quite sure how those go hand in hand, but whatever.
  3. Can't imagine? Have you ever been to Manhattan. Every block is 10 times as busy & every block usually has a large parking garage within it. Yes, it will create a little more congestion, but if you want more traffic downtown due to more developement, they go hand in hand.
  4. mickey13905

    12 shots fired at Wilson

    Couldn't put it any better. I rarely post anymore, yet still read on here. I have little to no interest in the near daily attacks that are constantly pinned regarding Chief Zikuski. I have never gone on to defend him nor attack him. Essentially I have no dog in that fight. But when people use the events of yesterday to continue their nitpicking, I found it appalling.
  5. mickey13905

    12 shots fired at Wilson

    I suppose I just don't understand the purpose of detailing when the Chief arrived on scene. There could be hundreds of reasons for this, from being in the shower for 10-15 minutes without phone access to perhaps conducting a coordinated police response involving many agencies. I don't pretend to know. But the insinuation I'm getting from this (and I apologize if I'm wrong) is that he just doesn't care. I find this idea preposterous. This event would devastate any police chief & be given his highest priority. I can assure you he didn't hear this news, shrug, and go back to drinking his morning coffee. I'll backtrack on some of my earlier statements regarding his statements in the aftermath. I suppose it's public fodder to question how certain things were handled & conclusions were reached. I just take exception to the idea that some have insinuated Chief Zikuski didn't seem to place the proper importance on what occurred.
  6. mickey13905

    12 shots fired at Wilson

    Can't even refrain for a few days before second guessing what's going on. From an earlier report within this thread criticizing the Chief on his response time. Then a now deleted thread on criticizing his use of the benign quote of "it is what it is" within the press conference. Now he's being criticized for essentially saying the fallen hero didn't have a chance. What will the lot of you stoop to during this horrific event? You've laid out your agenda against Chief Zikuski very plain for everyone to see on nearly every other thread on this site. Please show a modicum of class and let it rest without using this tragedy to further your cause. Just my 2 cents. RIP David W. Smith
  7. Gotta love it, a violent crime occurs, and you take the leap to make political potshots. It's people like you, who got Matt Ryan re-elected, by appearing vindictive and petty as opposed to being unbiased. It's the boy who cried wolf syndrome. By the time last years election rolled around, nobody took any criticism of our mayor seriously from people like you, because they figure you to rant on about anything he does. Want Ryan re-elected in 2013, keep doing the same thing, it worked so perfectly last time. Blaming our mayor for random gang violence at 2PM on a Monday is just idiotic. Blame him for the actual quagmire he created and you might be taken more seriously. @
  8. mickey13905

    Fight at Giblin's

    How does anyone here know whether or not the police actually did look at the video? My guess is, if Giblin's didn't do anything wrong, they probably volunteered the video to the police, it was reviewed soon thereafter, which is why they made a decision on not pressing charges so quickly. To assume the worst, and publicly pronounce it without signing your name to it makes you gutless.
  9. mickey13905

    It's called Christmas with a capital "C"

    I get what your saying to some degree, as I've never had a problem with someone saying Merry Christmas to me. In fact, in an earlier post I replied I would simply say it back to someone in response. That said, it's like you want to ignore context to expouse your religious beliefs. If your at a Bah Mitzvah and someone says Happy Hanukah, I totally get it. If there's a Christmas party and someone says Merry Christmas, I totally get it. But if you know someone isn't Christian, why on Earth would you want to implore a religious meaning behind it that they don't agree with. Back to your original point, you really wouldn't have a problem with a Walmart teller replying "Happy Hanukah" to you as you checkout? I suspect most of the people on here who complain about this topic would become enraged. The previous poster said it best: Just cause we have freedom of speech doesn't necessarily mean we should use it. You wouldn't want someone to talk about your wife's breasts, same as you shouldn't speak your religious beliefs to someone who doesn't share your ideals. @
  10. mickey13905

    It's called Christmas with a capital "C"

    It has nothing to do with intimidation of Christ, since I don't believe in him. It has everything to do with basic respect. To tell someone who is a practicing member of another faith "Merry Christmas" when you know they don't celebrate it, is to just be stubborn and disrespectful. You wouldn't care for someone wish you a nice Hanuakah, Ramadan, etc if you knew that they knew you are a Christian, so why does the reverse seem okay. Don't get me wrong, I don't get offended whatsoever when someone wishes me a Merry Christmas. In fact, I usually just repeat it back to them. But for those who know I don't celebrate Christmas to repeat solely to battle some PC war is just plain idiotic. What's so bad with Happy Holidays anyway? It's certainly a nice sentiment to express, right? Do you honestly believe there is a bunch of us non-Christians trying to steal your holiday away? There seems to be some perveying notion that we are a nation founded on Christaianity, when the truth is that we are a nation founded on religious freedom. So for department stores, media, etc trying to be inclusive of all peoples, they've now been accused of trying to denigrate Christmas when it is anything but. I say be happy Christmas dominates the scene as it still does. It, along with Easter are still national holidays. Believe me, everywhere you go has Christmas music, tv specials, sales, decorations, etc celebrating the holiday. Before you get pissed off over a the technicality of a saying, maybe you should think about the person who doesn't celebrate Christmas that has to live in a world dominated by those who do. I'm certainly not suggesting you don't celebrate your holiday with as much ferver as you wish, but the next time you get fit to be tied over hearing happy holidays, remember this one atheist on BCvoice wishing all you gentiles a "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!"
  11. mickey13905

    Otsiningo Park Lights

    Does anyone know when the lights in Otsiningo Park are lit? I see their up and ready to go, but I was there at sundown today, and they weren't operating yet. It's so depressing how early it gets dark right now, it'd be nice to have an extra bit of light to extend my stay in the park. Any info is appreciated.
  12. mickey13905


    Didn't anyone see the commercial? Pizza Hut made the lasagna!
  13. you people are idiots. BU mens basketball is one of the few sports up there that actually more than pays for itself. Also, do you realize the extremities of what you are saying and proposing ove rthe theft of condoms? I mean, I'm not excusing it, but he'll be suspended by the team, the police are handling it on their end. What would you have done to the kid, jailtime, public flogging, maybe execution? It's not like he performed a violent crime.
  14. mickey13905

    Inaccuracy of Polling

    This is just something that doesn't add up. If you support a candidate, why would you say otherwise? Do you add to your candidate's platform by denying his ideals? If you think so, maybe you really aren't a true American. Personally, I am that swing voter they are after, I can go to either candidate at this point. Granted, I'm an NY voter and won't matter in the grand scheme of things, nonetheless, I'm the person each candidate hopes to sway. Anyway, without discussing party affiliation, it makes no sense to deny what I believe in with. Simply put, the party that coincides with me the best, well I want everyone to see both our perspectives, not hide them like this poster suggests. Sounds like a pretty gutless philosophy you eschew. We are after-all 1 nation and should be in this together, not playing both sides. God Bless all, A Ron Paul supporter!
  15. As a member at ely I'm not sure how to feel about this. I personally like Ricky, who doesn't he's a nice guy, but also feel the course is run terribly. They always have a ton of old guys sitting around doing nothing, especially the ranger. I can't tell you the number of times I pay for a cart for 18 only to run into the same trouble. They don't monitor who goes out with who, for instance they let 2 2somes go off 1 after the other instead of pairing them up. They never watch for people starting off the back. I can't tell you how annoying it is to play the front 9 in a little over an hour only to get on 10 and see a group of 4 walkers who come out of nowhere to slow you down. Not to mention, when you do pay for 18, it would be nice if they mentioned when the leagues or high school golf use up the course. Just 2 weeks ago played the front in good time, and when we make the turn there is a league going off the back. I understand it's ely park, but you think they would have some idea what is going on with their course. @