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  1. PeteMoss

    Chenango Forks Superintendent

    Many superintendents are like this. They get away with it because of a weak school board. UE was a great example of this when McLoud was there. $200k+ The witch is gone now and the employees are lovin' it.
  2. PeteMoss

    Amazon Prime Day -2019

    It looks like it will start at 3PM EDST today, Monday July 15th. Some of the sales are not really sales. They have jacked up the prices on some of the items a few days ago. To find out the truth, copy the URL of an item you are looking at. Then go to the website camelcamelcamel.com. (Yes, that is the name) Paste the URL of the item into the correct place at the top of the page and click on search. You will then see a chart of the past prices of that item. There are ridiculous increases and decreases for some items.
  3. PeteMoss

    Direct Tv

    OK, so here is the problem. I looked at YouTube TV for $50. This is $60 less than I am paying now for DirecTV. There are probably 15 channels that I enjoy watching. The problem is there is one channel that I can't get with YouTube TV. So what it comes down to is that I am paying $60 a month for 1 channel. Other plans are the same, I lose 1 or 2 channels to save $50 or $60 dollars. But I can get 10 or more channels of sports that I do not watch.
  4. PeteMoss

    Raising the next generation of "dindu nuffins"

    Congressmen trade votes all the time. You vote for my park and I will vote for your park.
  5. PeteMoss

    New guy on WBNG News

    His job is to connect with the older viewers. The people on there now look like they are all under 30.
  6. PeteMoss

    When in Rome...

    In situations like this I love it when tractor trailer drivers block the lane to force everyone to get into 1 lane and allow the traffic to flow. Those guys are great.
  7. PeteMoss

    WBNG Airing Live Feed of ballot count for D.A Race

    Not yet. The first dem I will be voting for in 25 years still has a chance.
  8. PeteMoss

    When in Rome...

    Hey Ginger: Don't light flares when there is spilled fuel.
  9. PeteMoss

    Direct Tv

    I can't tell you and no one else can. It all depends on your location. The towers are all on a range of hills. If your antenna has a wide receiving lobe, you may be able to get all of them. If it is directional, then you may only get one set of stations such as all of the 46 channels or all of the 12 channels. Generally, the higher the antenna the better. The fewer obstructions the better. If you have aluminum siding, you will have to put the antenna in a window. Depending on the signal strength, you may be able to use a cable splitter and feed 2 TVs. The bottom line is you have to test it yourself. Check with your neighbors to see what they are using and what channels they receive. Sorry. That is the best info I have for you.
  10. PeteMoss

    Direct Tv

    Hooked up the indoor antenna, I can see what I want to see. Plus I get METV and Court TV, all for free.
  11. PeteMoss

    Oliver Blaise cannot be trusted in DA vote count

    I thought it was July 8th. Where did you get this information?
  12. How long before he starts cheating on her? My bet is 2 months.
  13. He can still be DA and run for another office.
  14. Thanks Thurston. That puts a positive spin on the outcome of primaries. Students won't be voting in their college towns.
  15. Does anyone know what happened in Vestal Districts 11,12 and 13? According to the broomevotes website, there were 0 votes cast for DA in each district. https://www.broomevotes.com/results-ed