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  1. When Jason Garnar took office he cleaned out all of the heads of the departments and put his own people into those positions. I question the quality of the people he put in these seats.
  2. PeteMoss

    Incident at UE High School

    It is the school board's fault. They kept her on. Thankfully she is leaving at the end of this school year.
  3. PeteMoss

    Incident at UE High School

    "There were never any firearms involved " https://www.pressconnects.com/story/news/public-safety/2019/05/22/union-endicott-high-school-heavy-police-presence-investigation-underway/3768617002/
  4. PeteMoss

    Rich David for Congress

    Agree with you on David and also Cornwell. Tenney and Phillips are not good candidates either. Phillips has lost 3 times and Tenney has lost 2 times. Cornwell beat the Republican party in Broome County. That was impressive.
  5. PeteMoss

    KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS FRED: The Anti Akshar rally

    HIPAA violation?
  6. PeteMoss

    Rich David for Congress

    I was there. Tenney wasn't. She ran a horrible campaign. She missed appointments. She never had a rally. She was scared of her own shadow. The person she had running her campaign was a red nose and 2 floppy shoes short of a clown. She never answered Brindisi's attacks.
  7. PeteMoss

    KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS FRED: The Anti Akshar rally

    It is time for Freddie to go. He is making local Republicans look bad.
  8. PeteMoss

    CCA program for electricity

    Union is doing the same thing. Who do these morons think they are? The rate I am being put into, without my consent, has been higher than my NYSEG rate over the past 2 years. They also don't mention if NYSEG will raise their rates to deliver the electricity. I will opt out. I refuse to be forced into something by "elected officials".
  9. Dug up this oldie but goodie from the 2015 campaign of Cornwell v Mollen. A group of lawyers, led by Tom Jackson, a partner with Bergman, announced that there were judgements against Cornwell. Today these same lawyers are supporting Battisti who has/had judgements against him. Also when you view the video, notice who is in the back row.
  10. PeteMoss

    Rich David for Congress

    Rich D is not who I am referring to.
  11. PeteMoss

    Rich David for Congress

    I am waiting for his announcement.
  12. PeteMoss

    I’ve seen enough from one Broome DA Candidate!

    Good point. If I was a dem, I would want to run against Battisti.
  13. PeteMoss

    I’ve seen enough from one Broome DA Candidate!

    You can buy followers. It is more difficult to buy signatures. And it is not worth it to try.
  14. He should have been ready for a question like this. Bijoy screwed up big time. He is not fit for the job. He should withdraw from the race.
  15. PeteMoss

    Why Battisti can't win

    I heard Bijoy say that signs don't win elections. I wonder if he changed his mind.