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  1. John Cordisco

    This is outrageous!

    Remember folks these are the same "SUNY" students who elect our local officials. City Council, Vestal Town Board, etc. In fact the SUNY campus has so many registered voters it has 2 Election districts to cover it. Thankfully I wont be around in 20 years.
  2. John Cordisco

    Pat Russo Passes Away

  3. John Cordisco

    Pat Russo Passes Away

    Pat Russo's family received a proclamation from Binghamton City Council tonight honoring Patsy. Nicely done by them. Thank You.
  4. John Cordisco

    Pat Russo Passes Away

    Give my friend a bump.
  5. John Cordisco

    Binghamton Kmart to Close in December

    Oh boy those were the days !!!!! I spent many, many weekends at the Stage Door. I remember Big Mike the owner, Rose his sister, Mike's nephew Tommy tended bar there. (Tommy was in my wedding party.) Bobby Fitzgerald playing almost every weekend, and wow those all night new years eve parties were awesome. Great sandwiches as well. I remember the "Mahogany Room" I believe it was called with all the lava lamps in the window. When I was a manager at Kmart at Christmas time you couldn't get into the parking lot without a helicopter. I bought my first 45 RPM record at the Grants. Binghamton was great then. Maybe someday we could get some of that excitement back. I could go on and on about the Binghamton Plaza and all it's memories and great stories. John Cordisco
  6. John Cordisco

    Binghamton Kmart to Close in December

    I was a manager there and help open that store. (roughly the early 80's) The Kmart moved from the old location in the middle of the Binghamton plaza. (the former Grants store) A lot of memories there. All things change. That's the way it is. John Cordisco
  7. John Cordisco

    Pat Russo Passes Away

    I just today learned of Pat Russo's death. He was good friend and a great councilman. All he cared about was making his neighborhood better. The world is a lesser place without Patsy. My heart goes out to his wife Pat and Patsy's family. I'm pretty shaken by this, but sometimes life is what it is. John Cordisco
  8. John Cordisco

    Announcement City Council 4th District

    Hi Wolfman. The local as well as the national Democrat party at one time was the party of new ideas. Not anymore. If you are not a liberal you are not welcome in the Democrat party. I changed my registration about a year and a half ago. It's something I've thought about for a very long time. In December of 2006 at the end of my presidency on City Council, I decided I had enough. Several non-liberals in the party talked me into staying with the party. It was very similar to a bad marriage that you knew was over but stayed in it too long. The Democrat party of John Kennedy and Harry Truman is long gone. The democrats stopped caring about people and more about themselves and their political views. They talk a good game but the reality is much different than their rhetoric. My father and Chris Papastrat called me a "closet republican" for years. As many former democrats say " I didn't leave the democrat party, the democrat party left me." There is much more to tell but I hope you get the idea. John Cordisco
  9. John Cordisco

    Announcement City Council 4th District

    I'm announcing my candidacy today for Binghamton City Council's 4th District. Some VERY tough times are ahead and we need experienced people to help solve those problems. Thank you to ALL of the residents that have been in my store with encouraging words. John Cordisco
  10. Yes I'm running for the fourth district council seat. The announcement will be official soon. John Cordisco
  11. John Cordisco

    Debra Hogan - Candidate for County Legislator

    I've known Deb Hogan for many years. She would make a fine legislator. John Cordisco
  12. Thanks Monkey Man for the info. One of three things will happen. 1. She will find an "address" to use. 2. They will appoint someone to finish out the term. (probably the person citizen action/ democrats want next term) 3. She will do nothing. My bet is on number one.
  13. The waiver issue is a none issue. No such waiver exists. The residency requirement states that the candidate for office MUST live in their district at the time of election. Technically they could move after being elected. Maybe not in the "spirit" of the law, but that's the way it is. John Cordisco
  14. I find it interesting that in the tv interview on WICZ, Doorey didn't clear Rennia of these accusations. A stand up guy would have volunteered that immediately. Did she argree with Doorey's email? Food for thought.
  15. John Cordisco

    Robin Williams suicide

    Robin Williams death called a suicide. One of the most brilliant actors/comedians of our century. How incredibly sad. John Cordisco