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    I posted this week and tried to start a conversation about Preston's pending criminal charges. Most of the replies were just dumb ass dog photos. This site has steadily gone downhill over the years.
  2. Amadeus

    Preston charges

    Has there been any progress on the investigation by the special DA appointed to look into Preston's alleged crimes? Seems like he has had ample time. Is the plan to procrastinate until the statue of limitations kick in? If this is allowed to happen it is a stain and embarrassment on DA Cromwell and Judge Molly Fitzgerald.
  3. Amadeus

    Is Obama Planning To "Pardon" Hillary?

    Don't you have to be convicted first before being pardoned?
  4. Amadeus

    Primary results

    It is 10 PM one hour after the polls closed and no election results posted on the BOE website. Come on guys you only had 10 voting machines to get returns on. Every year the BOE gets later and later with the returns. I guess your no show employee who is really on Libous' payroll messed it up again.
  5. What document do you plan on foiling you twit? Do you think they will have a report written by morning?
  6. Amadeus

    Most important (hidden) story of the year

    Sorry Tom Paine you are mistaken. The FBI has a Austrian Field Office. http://www.fbi.gov/contact/legat/europe.htm @