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  1. https://apps3.health.ny.gov/doh2/applinks/cdmspr/2/counties?OpID=50503083
  2. BaldEagle

    Abels Pub- 30 Covid cases?

    If Hack was still around, I guarantee COVID could not have survived in that place! RIP Hack!
  3. BaldEagle

    COVID-19 cluster at BU?

    Ok thank you for the response.
  4. BaldEagle

    COVID-19 cluster at BU?

    Anyone else hear this? I’ve heard up to 9 men’s lacrosse players, 5 or 6 men’s basketball players have tested positive and are under quarantine orders.... anyone else hearing this, or is my BU source wrong?
  5. I’m not really a political person, but I can guarantee you I will vote for anyone, and I mean anyone, over Garnar. Cancelling birthday parades for little kids? What a fucking loser!
  6. BaldEagle

    Let's stand up and fight this thing!

  7. BaldEagle

    Corona Virus

    Fuck it. You get it. You beat it. Move on.
  8. BaldEagle

    Let's stand up and fight this thing!

    I agree 100%.
  9. BaldEagle

    Let's stand up and fight this thing!

    No clue Ginger. But fuck this virus. Spread the word.
  10. I understand this Corona virus is serious. I understand its contagious as hell. I understand people are going to die from it. I do not however understand this nation wide defeatist attitude. We are teaching our children that this is some boogey man that is hiding in the shadows and will get us and kill us all. Bullshit. We need to stand up and say we are going to fight this, and we are going to beat this. We are not Italy, we are sure the fuck not China. We need to get our best and brightest on this, we need to keep a positive attitude, and we need someone to come out and say "Fuck this. We got this. We'll beat this. We are better than this. This is a temporary inconvenience, not a fucking death sentence"...Every single news report, every single article, every single comment is doom and fucking gloom. We stand up to cancer, we put a brave, resilient face on to every disease known to man.... but this has us negative, cowering, and afraid. I'm tired of it. Fuck it. If I get it, I will beat it. So will you. This is the message that we should be seeing, but it simply is not, and it sucks.
  11. BaldEagle

    Number Five

    Ha! Holy shit, love this. Haven’t seen this menu in years. You guys nailed it. #3 and #14- the beef that just sat in that hot metal pan bathing in juice all day was delicious. I was also partial to that white Mac n cheese they had on Fridays...
  12. BaldEagle

    Number Five

    Ok, I’ll ask, what was a #3?
  13. BaldEagle


    I completely disagree. Mueller is a seasoned pro’s pro who I am shocked came here. Add him to the dark haired cuties, the local, genuine weather guy, and you have the strongest team we’ve had here in years. I’m not kidding, I think you guys are way, way off on this one.
  14. BaldEagle

    Everything Chris Marion touches fails & arena and forum are next

    Jesus. Next thing we know Regatta Regatta will be cancelled.
  15. BaldEagle

    Brozetti's Closing

    I was in there the other night and the guy laughed and said it's an untrue rumor and he's probably been asked about it over 100 times in the last few days, so, that's their answer, they did not sell and are not closing.