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  1. BaldEagle

    Number Five

    Ha! Holy shit, love this. Haven’t seen this menu in years. You guys nailed it. #3 and #14- the beef that just sat in that hot metal pan bathing in juice all day was delicious. I was also partial to that white Mac n cheese they had on Fridays...
  2. BaldEagle

    Number Five

    Ok, I’ll ask, what was a #3?
  3. BaldEagle


    I completely disagree. Mueller is a seasoned pro’s pro who I am shocked came here. Add him to the dark haired cuties, the local, genuine weather guy, and you have the strongest team we’ve had here in years. I’m not kidding, I think you guys are way, way off on this one.
  4. BaldEagle

    Everything Chris Marion touches fails & arena and forum are next

    Jesus. Next thing we know Regatta Regatta will be cancelled.
  5. BaldEagle

    Brozetti's Closing

    I was in there the other night and the guy laughed and said it's an untrue rumor and he's probably been asked about it over 100 times in the last few days, so, that's their answer, they did not sell and are not closing.
  6. BaldEagle

    Brozetti's Closing

    I heard BU bought Brozettis building and is closing it. Any truth?
  7. BaldEagle

    Another Officer Leaves BPD For Vestal

    If you could be a cop in either Binghamton or Vestal, which would you choose? Seriously, that's an easy choice....
  8. BaldEagle

    death of Stefani Lineva....

    This whole case has lots of open ends and unanswered questions. IMO no way, it went down the way the authorities are trying to say. Way too many ? Where answers just don't make sense....tragic in every fucking way imaginable, but things are off, way off...
  9. BaldEagle

    Scum bag hit and run driver

    So you were correct that it was a male....
  10. BaldEagle

    Spike in Creepy Clown Sightings Across U.S. ...

    They've affected several area school districts today as far as keeping kids in from recess, changing dismissal procedures, contacting parents from the school admin., and discussion among school administrators about disallowing clown costumes to be worn to school/after school events, and many other contingency plans if this hoax doesn't die down soon. Dumb, I know, but try explains that to my 5 year old son whose entire grade level was held out of recess because some 5th graders reported seeing 2 clowns walking the perimeter of the playground d....
  11. BaldEagle

    Another bad accident on 17/81

    Ok, thanks Captain
  12. BaldEagle

    Another bad accident on 17/81

    1 dead according to WBNG. How many serious accidents are there going to be in that stretch? Terrible design and implementation of that area is killing people.... sad
  13. BaldEagle

    Gunshots around Mozart St.

    Any thing new on this? No reports on motive, no updates, seems strange....
  14. BaldEagle

    Gunshots around Mozart St.

    According to Mobilepatrol, there was a Nick Chappell of 1 Mozart St. Arrested yesterday for "murder intentions".... So the guy who lived there killed another guy who lived there?
  15. BaldEagle

    ME Little League on ESPN at 3:00

    They play tonight at 7:30 on ESPN, or you can listen on 1430 A.M.