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  1. sensbing

    Direct Tv

    Anyone else lose NBC & ABC from their Direct TV package this AM? I was told by Direct TV that the networks and Direct are in a dispute like the Fox dispute and there is no telling when the stations will be back. looks like it’s back to the thieves at Spectrum
  2. sensbing

    County employee last night?

    Hey asshat, the arrest states he lives in Endwell., that is not the Town of Binghamton
  3. sensbing

    County employee last night?

    He lives less than a quarter of a mile from where he ran into the car. He lives in the Town of Binghamton, not Endwell
  4. sensbing

    County employee last night?

    Ding, Ding, Ding, we have a winner!!
  5. sensbing

    County employee last night?

    I saw the County car stuffed into the front of an older Mercury Marquee. The car was parked on the opposite side of the street. The driver drifted over the centerline and hit the car. The car ended up pushed up onto the curb where it still sits. Neither Sheriff's vehicle had their emergency lights flashing. I will not name the person, I am sure the word is on the streets by now
  6. sensbing

    County employee last night?

    Definitely a county car, I'll bet the farm alcohol was involved. Will it be covered up, yeah probably knowing who and what I know
  7. sensbing

    County employee last night?

    My bad, It is Public Defenders office. Should be a career ender, no?
  8. sensbing

    County employee last night?

    If anyone on this board has the ability to do some digging I believe someone from the District Attorneys' office may have been involved an accident last night that I am sure involved alcohol. There was a Sheriff deputy at the scene with no flashing lights. A county car was damaged in the accident
  9. With comments like this she will get a cabinet position in the Trump OR Clinton administartions
  10. sensbing

    Plaza Diner

    What happened, drove by yesterday, it was closed
  11. sensbing

    C Fred Johnson school

    Any info on this school would be appreciated. I came across a ring today that has the name of the school and "JR" on the front with the year "19" on one side and "66" on the other. I assume this is a class ring of some sort. Is this a junior class class ring? Owners initials on the inside. I would like to return ring to owner if possible.
  12. sensbing

    Yonaty City Park

    I have a home, job and family, life is good
  13. sensbing

    Yonaty City Park

    As long as no permits are needed for the granola people in Yonaty City Park maybe there should be a sqautter settlement in Rec Park. There is more room and tennis courts
  14. sensbing


    What is the manager's name, does anyone know?