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  1. The Wanker

    Mary Tyler Moore Dies at age 80!

    If we'd only had the foresight to take up tuba.
  2. The Wanker

    Mary Tyler Moore Dies at age 80!

    The next door neighbors had the first color TV on our street. They let about 6 of us kids come over every Wed. night to watch Lost in Space, one of the first color shows on, with their kids. The "To be continued" endings were sheer TV genius. I've watched some Green Acres shows over the years and always felt like they were so far ahead of their time that the humor is still legit and timely today. Part slapstick, part satire, part deeply wry and dry, it broke new ground and set the tone for TV humor for a generation. Ed Sullivan took what Ted Mack started and invented a whole new genre. The copies of his show that developed into variety shows made history. Glenn Campbell, the Steve and Edie show, the Andy Williams Show, the Smothers Brothers, Sonny and Cher, Flip Wilson, John Denver, Donny & Marie, Dean Martin... Bewitched, Deputy Dawg, Gilligan’s Island, Gomer Pyle USMC, Hogan’s Heroes, Laugh-In, Mannix, the Man from U.N.C.L.E., My Favorite Martian, My Three Sons, Mr. Ed, the Addams Family, the Beverly Hillbillies, The Munsters (still one of my all time favs), the Rat Patrol... Looking at all these names I wonder how we managed to get any homework done or even feed the dog.
  3. The Wanker

    Myopic BC Exec needs to refocus

    This is not always the case. Granted, a rehab will usually not take in someone who's high at the time of intake, but they also don't require that you be clean for any length of time (in terms of days) to get admitted.
  4. The Wanker

    Dick's Sporting Goods Open 2017 Concert

    some of the previous acts were Bro country. That ain't REAL country any more than Kellyanne Conway doesnt live in a truckstop men's room entertaining sailors for quarters.
  5. The Wanker

    Federal workers worry about their jobs under Trump

    Not banned yet FORM here.
  6. The Wanker

    death of Stefani Lineva....

    I'm reminded of the not-so-long-ago civil suit that was filed by a Department Secretary at BU against a few staff. She claimed she was sexually targeted and victimized by someone in a position of authority to her, and then passed around to others for sexual favors. She did the smartest thing she could have done: she went OUT OF TOWN for a law firm to represent her case. She got a firm out of NYC who had no ties to anyone in this area and that was beholden to no one involved in the SUNY system. She won. Big time. I found out the hard way that THAT is the only way to handle anything criminal or civil, certainly in this area and probably no matter where you live. The mother of the deceased needs to hire a PI very quickly, before things get tucked away in boxes and computer files get deleted, and that PI should be someone at least 6 states away. Hiring two PI's would also be a wise thing to do. Have the second investigator check on the creds of the first. Put EVERYTHING in writing, what is being contracted for, what the pay range and charges will be, etc. Someone who is a close friend of hers needs to step up and either take her hand and walk her through this or take the reins and do it themselves, with her permission, of course. She's got enough going on just trying to deal with her daughter's sudden death....and time is critical. People who suffer losses like this aren't inclined to suspect that local law enforcement and the DA won't or isn't going to do the right thing. Waiting until all the cards have been dealt and played is sometimes too late and becomes too costly.
  7. The Wanker

    Scum bag hit and run driver

    I believe she was found on the westbound lane of 434 just west of the Conklin Ave. overpass. It is possible she could have been thrown off the bridge but injuries from a fall would look very different than injuries from getting hit by a fast moving vehicle. Also if she's more than 5-10' away from the overpass, it's not possible she could have been thrown off.
  8. The Wanker


    Pizzagate. You morons are morons.
  9. The Wanker

    Donald Trump running for President in 2016

    Have it your way. Vote him in. I had better get my taxes SLASHED and be rich in 2 years' time. We're all gonna be rich, at least the white people and the hot blondes under 35. Life in the US is gonna have to be Paradise on earth. All terrorist attacks must stop worldwide within 3 months because he's going to end ISIS. Illegal immigration will be a thing of the past within, again, 3 months, and not a dime of my tax money is going to be spent stopping it. Figure out how to deport 11 million illegals, increase defense spending 50% for a war we already won, get me an affordable health care plan, put together and fund an agency to monitor every Muslim in America.......... AND lower my taxes. In fact, I think I'd like to pay NO taxes for the rest of my life. I presume that'll be ok with him and you, right? Create and staff torture centers, because torture is such an effective method against our enemies. Remove all judges of any Hispanic descent because they can't be impartial. Put not only HRC in jail, but put the whole staff of CNN and every contractor who's ever done work for them in prison too. Jail Bill C. just because he's overdue. Oh, while he's at it, don't forget to suspend the US Constitution to get all this done.
  10. The Wanker


    I met him a few times. Anyone know where he is or what he's doing?
  11. The Wanker

    Donald Trump running for President in 2016

    Watch closely folks. He's going to (in the words of the great Louis Head) "burn this bitch down!" If he cant live in the White House, he's going to screw it up for the next 5-6 people who do. You're cheering for a man who is so obsessed with himself, his galaxy sized ego and his own pleasures that he''ll ph***k up the political process for your kids long after you're gone just to leave his name in the history books. He and his sycophantic spawn are the worst of what we have to offer here in America. He talks about the coming downfall of the greatest, richest and most powerful nation in human history if HE'S not elected into office. America is on the precipice of becoming the worst place on the planet to live if you believe his bloviating blabberjabber. He's scaring the bowels out of YOUR kids for his own personal gain. Telling them they're doomed to a life of poverty, misery and victimization and there's not a damn thing they can do to change it. How American of him. He's making cynics and pessimists of every child in America. Hobbling their psyches with a doomsday perspective of their own future before you have a chance to prepare them for it. How ironic that the people who are so desperate for a change from self-serving, two-faced politicians find and elevate the one man who raises those hedonistic traits to an art form. The only defense that's been raised for him is "emails and murders."
  12. The Wanker


    I yearn for the old days when I wasn't constantly stalked by an anal sex and penis obsessed male troll.
  13. The Wanker

    Donald Trump running for President in 2016

    God bless Melania's little heart. She's convinced herself that her 59 year old husband was just acting like a "teenaged boy" when he bragged about grabbing strange cooter and forcing kisses down women's throats in elevators. I've been 59 and so have a lot of my friends. I can say with a pretty fair amount of certainty that neither I nor they have EVER pussy grabbed a woman I didn't know, (even when drunk) and I've never bragged about it to a man less than half my age in a sad attempt to look like an pudgy, pasty, balding, aging stallion. I grew up.....a LONG time ago. Most women are used to their older husbands "acting like teenagers" by tossing some hoops and throwing their backs out or having a few brews with the guys and reliving high school sports games. Would we all be ok with giving the nuclear codes to a 14 year old? I'm looking into my Drumpf-brand crystal ball (you know, the kind you can predict rigged elections with) and I see divorce papers landing on his desk around, oh, mid-December of this year. What's half of a stable of bankrupt casinos and one defunct airline worth?