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  1. Daniel Boone

    Binghamton Mayor 2021 poll

    Those choices are like trying to decide if you want to get punched in the face or kicked in the groin.
  2. Daniel Boone

    Looking for a recommendation - shoulder surgery

    Mark Wilson is the only choice, in my opinion.
  3. Daniel Boone

    Amazon Last Mile to Corporate Park

    Amazon is already running freezer and cooler products out of the company formerly known as Maines.
  4. Daniel Boone

    Companies Pull ‘My Pillow’ Off Shelves

    I wasn't going to but now I may need to try a new pillow or two.
  5. Daniel Boone

    Pistol Permits Are Way Up

    I saw a post of a class today at Greene Rod and Gun Club by Rochester Personal Defense. I also saw posts of Fish's Firearms looking for a couple more people to fill a class today. They are out there.
  6. Daniel Boone

    Don't be as dumb as Bob Joseph at WNBF

    I tend to listen during Doug to hear of any traffic issues on my drive. If Doug says he's filling in, I'll listen. Kathy's hourly COVID count gets a little annoying too.
  7. Daniel Boone


    If it turns out he loses, I'm sure he won't do anything like remove all of the W's off all the keyboards.
  8. Daniel Boone

    Maine’s multi millionaire dollar deal to LLH TRS FSS RE HOLDINGS LLC

    20,000, 000 doesn't sound like enough for 7 facilities.
  9. Daniel Boone

    Binghamton Protest Tomorrow!

    Lose yours?
  10. Daniel Boone


    I ignore tailgaters. I look at them in the mirror and flip it to the night setting. They usually pass then since they realize I'm ignoring them.
  11. Daniel Boone

    Maines Paper and Candy What's going on???? Sold???

  12. Daniel Boone

    Respect the ride.

    I ride and question that myself. When the state published the riders manual, they say to run high beams, but lighting technology has come a long way. I question what manufacturers are putting on cars now. Some of those are downright blinding. I won't even get into the idiots that put those LED bars on their pickups and drive with them on.
  13. Daniel Boone

    Entitled Driver

    I remember hearing "troop car" quite often.
  14. Daniel Boone

    Nascar Race On N.B.C.S Ch#32 on Time Warner

    NASCAR is almost unwatchable as it is anymore. This certainly didn't help.