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Scandal at East Middle School

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The girls were reportedly acting crazy and rolling around on the floor.  They were sent to the School Nurse to make sure they weren't on drugs.  I have credible sources that tell me all the nurse did was take their blood pressure and listen to their heart.  These girls are notorious trouble makers, were never strip-searched, made it all up and now they're in so deep, that they can't back down. I have a few more facts that I'll keep to myself for now.  I'd just like to see where this thread goes and who knows what. 

This has gotten VERY ugly and could potentially get worse.  

The parents of four preteen girls who say they were strip-searched at East Middle School have outlined a list of demands to the Binghamton City School District through the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, which is representing the families.

The letter outlined the following demands: 

  • Immediate enrollment at West Middle School for each girl. 
  • Immediate provision of compensatory school work and tutoring for the days the girls have been out of school, and a grade adjustment during the interim period once make-up assignments have been completed. 
  • Payment for mental health and social emotional support for each child on a biweekly basis or as needed with a provider of each student's choice until graduation. 
  • A written apology from the principal, assistant principal and school nurse that includes acknowledgment the events occurred, to the extent those persons are still employed by the district.
  • To the extent they are still employed by the district, appropriate disciplinary actions — up to and including termination — of the principal, assistant principal and school nurse.
  • Revision of the school Code of Conduct and district policy to prohibit strip searches. 
  • Documentation of student searches with aggregate information made publicly available.
  • Training of all school personnel on the Constitutional rights of students, and parent notification and/or consent of searches. 
  • A survey to assess the racial climate in the district. 
  • Race and gender bias training for all staff in the district, and training to combat stereotypes at the intersection of race and gender. 


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