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My Friend John Cordisco is running for City Council Good for you John!!!

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Just a announcement to tell the residents of Binghamton that John Cordisco is in the run for City Council and we support him! Good Luck John we support you.  More on this soon.

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Good morning :) I'm just playing catch up reading all of the stuff I missed and ran into this thread.


This is the best news I've had this week along with the discovery that BCV is back! I'm with Toup...once again I'll have real representation as opposed to the likes of Conrad Taylor and Leah Webb who did nothing for Northsiders.

Also, Mr Cordisco, if you could comment on the supposed new food store/coop whatever it is, if you have any details...Personally, I'm stuffing the suggestion boxes at every Gerrity's in PA promising I'll buy their seasoned Porketta at least once a month if they'll open a store here. 

lol:) I recently purchased one for a coworker, had it frozen in my vehicle for 20 minutes and my car still smells like garlic a few days later! YUM!!!!!

Have a great weekend everybody!

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