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Possible Technical Issue

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Garo et. al., just a heads up: when I signed in today it gave me a "BANNED" page. Since I haven't been particularly naughty, I figured this was an error. Clearing cookies did not fix the issue, but restarting the browser did.

So, either there is some kind of issue causing people to randomly show as banned, or you attempted to ban me and it's not working. Either way, something is up :)

If it starts getting unusually quiet around here, this may relate.

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It's acting a bit funky, OTR. Tried to respond and it was taking me to other pages. Be well, it will work out.

That or you're banned for life 😕 

I hear that the wireless in Hell is not good, being in the center of the earth. Maybe we can share a connection?

The darned fluffy Angels get all of the good stuff 😠

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