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Binghamton Police raid the Cave to close it Laws changed at 10 when laws changed at Mid-Night to stay open past 10 that night!

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Sources tell BCV that the Binghamton Police Department went to shut down the Cave when patron's were leaving on their own accord. Using intimidation Police were using selective enforcement saying the bar had over 60 when in fact video shows only 30 total patrons in the Cave when in FACT other Local bars are still open past 10 or close at ten but give time for the patrons to leave when finishing their food and drinks. Case in point I've been in one till after 10 still eating and finishing my drink till at least 11 when doors are locked. Why the selective enforcement on one and NOT THE OTHERS??? Why because the other one caterter's to the Binghamton Police Officers when off duty???

Yes BPD it's called Selective Enforcement and the one who should know this is BPD's Gov Boy he was there with his Sargent who should know this as well.

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