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Well, It's May 24. Any Idea What WNBF Will Be Broadcasting At Noon?

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Today is the day the new Dan Bongino radio show premieres in the Noon to 3:00 ET slot. In about an hour after I post this.

While available in a lot of big, national cities, it is not a direct replacement for the Rush Limbaugh show.

Will it be on WNBF 1290 AM, or will they continue to carry the Limbaugh show with guest hosts and old Rush clips?

Who knows.

Not a word on the WNBF website. And their online schedule, as of a few minutes ago, still shows Rush at Noon.


Oh yeah - someone also needs to tell Kathy Whyte that when referring to a few of a type of things, it's "a couple OF (things), and not "a couple (things)." As in:

"A couple grocery stores in the area are lifting their requirement that all customers wear masks while shopping."

It makes it sound like the stores are married or in a relationship.

The preposition is needed.



I guess she never heard of the Grammarly or Hemingway applications.


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Well, so much for that.

As soon as I heard the first notes of the bass line from "My City Was Gone," I knew nothing was going to change in dull ol', let's keep doing what we've always done, Binghamton.

No wonder the hockey team left for Utica, of all places.

I guess that song is pretty appropriate for this place.


So, onward to the web to find Bongino's show on some other affiliate I can pick up on the radio, or an online station when I'm at the computer. Or maybe he'll archive it on Rumble or some other media platform that doesn't censor conservative content.


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I don't hate Dan Bongino but I'm not likely to go out of my way to listen. I thought what they were doing with guest hosts interspersed with Rush clips was God awful...and sort of sacreligious. I do think James Golden aka Bo Snerdley was the natural replacement for Rush. I occasionally pick him up when I'm on my way home on AM 770 WABC. He's REALLY good. How could he not be, working with Rush all of those years and honestly, the man could read the telephone book with that golden voice. I almost cried the day he said they moved all of the radio equipment out of the Florida house Rush worked out of. So he's back in NY now.

Ben Shapiro would have been a great choice as well...that kid is way smart and does his homework.


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