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How’s that COVID-19 “Vaccine” working out for you?

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1 hour ago, Bo Marsh said:

Meanwhile, thousands upon thousands of illegals are streaming across the border, and the government refuses to test them for Covid.

Let alone stop them.

Instead, they are being driven and/or flown all across the country.

Gee, perhaps this is why Covid is suddenly spreading?


It would be racist and xenophobic to think that.

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IMO this gym fella is over analyzing. He does make some good points about the lack of necessary effectiveness in battling Covid thus far. It does seem DC is in the pockets of Big Pharma. Thus the FDA black balling of cheap Ivermectin and even hydroxy for Covid. These are tools that your doctor should be able to use in the fight against Covid along with vaccines.

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30 minutes ago, 27 Time World Champions said:

Listen to this prophetic message from Gym Bro:



"Gym Bro" is actually Chris Sky, a motivational speaker and human rights advocate.


Here is an interview with him. (I haven't watched it yet to vet what is being said. Have to run and do chores. Posted for those interested.)


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Just now, YankeeDoodle said:


"Gym Bro" is actually Chris Sky, a motivational speaker and human rights advocate.


Thanks for that!

Does Joe realize that there are persistently lower vaccination rates among Black and Hispanic people compared to their white counterparts? 


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3 minutes ago, 27 Time World Champions said:

Does Joe realize that there are persistently lower vaccination rates among Black and Hispanic people compared to their white counterparts?

You do realize, of course, that you are supposed to show ID to get vaccinated, right?

And, as we've been lectured ad nauseam, minorities cannot get ID. They don't have access to the Internet nor know where the DMV is.

So vaccination is just another implementation of Jim Crow laws.

White supremacy and white privilege in action.

<sarcasm off>

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A good read:


Ignore the hysteria: It’s time to move past COVID, America

By Post Editorial Board

July 31, 2021 | 8:02pm | Updated 


Team Biden sure threw the nation into a state of confusion last week with its scary, flip-flopping COVID rhetoric, but Americans should rest assured: America’s pandemic is over, slain by Operation Warp Speed.

Yes, COVID will still take lives, but it’s simply not a major threat to people with immunity, whether natural or from a vaccine. Despite the new alarms from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about the Delta variant’s dangers, and the media hype amplifying them, the bottom line remains: Only a tiny fraction of those who are vaxxed have been infected and hospitalized, as The Post reported last week. An even smaller fraction have died.

Fact is, as a society, we have to move on — and not be paralyzed by the vax-resistant or those demanding zero risk. The good news: Most of us are moving back to normalcy already.

Don’t stop now, America. The latest Team Biden and CDC guidance is a hopeless mishmash based on fear, politics and butt-covering, not solid science. The data behind new guidance about the Delta variant, as Dr. Joel Zinberg noted in Saturday’s Post, are “preliminary,” based on small, possibly unrepresentative samples. One study involved the AstraZeneca vaccine that isn’t even used in America.

Let’s face it: The CDC and its public-health peers have been disaster shows all pandemic long (recall the test it insisted was the only acceptable one, until it turned out to not work?), but the failing has reached the level that the only rational thing to do is to not take its hopeless advice as gospel. Be sensible, but don’t let the scaremongering stop you living your life.

The risk of death or hospitalization for anyone who’s gotten jabbed remains very, very low. Kids under 12 are also extremely safe. And, yes, even a single shot of the two-step Moderna and Pfizer jabs does a world of good.

So get vaxxed. Don’t make a scene over the stupid “Mask on the planes, trains and taxis” rules. Try to persuade any unvaxxed friends and family to get jabbed. (But don’t scream: It doesn’t help; people have reasons that make sense to them.)

Look: If the jabs had any significant side effects, the media would be blaring about them.
Basically, stay sane — and try to spread the sanity. Humans are social animals; the holdouts will catch up eventually.

The coronavirus may be here to stay, but the menace is gone. From 1918 through 1920, the Spanish flu infected roughly a third of the world population, killing tens of millions. The distant descendants of that virus still kill tens of thousands of people globally each year — but life goes on. That’s the inevitable future of COVID because evolution favors strains that are more contagious but far less deadly, since killing your host is a losing “strategy.”

In the decade after the Spanish flu, the nation saw an explosion of social, economic and cultural exuberance. Something like that is our own future, too, once our elites get past their hysteria. It’s now time to move on — and let the good times roll.


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Why Are What Appear To Be Perfectly Healthy 25- to 50-Year Old People Suddenly Dropping Dead?

OK, so this is all completely anecdotal and none from a verified source, but still it is rather interesting and bears further study ...

There is a website / forum that I have been following for over a decade. It has the unusual name of — Godlike Productions (GLP).

(OK — feel free to snicker.)

It's a very entertaining mix of facts, eyewitness observations, conspiracy theories, trolls, bizarre comments and more. Lots of slang, such as when someone claims that they been alerted to an upcoming event by a friend who works in the government or someone in the know, it is called information from their "uncle." When a disaster is imminent, it's time to "bring your tomato plants in."

Given time and experience, a person can (at least, I can) quickly spot and separate the wheat from the chaff. There are often nuggets of wisdom and important information there.

A thread started on Monday, August 2 titled "Uncle Intel - People Dropping In Their Homes":

That thread is already up to 13 pages.

Yes, you have to sort through the snark, insults and the like. But from the way some of the posts are written, you can tell they are sincere and not people trying to troll others for kicks.

Again, everything in that above thread is purely anecdotal and has no scientific or verified data behind it. But it does seem odd. Especially when people in HR say that more and more employees are dying.

They've even coined a new term:


I myself have noticed an uptick in people in this age group dying in the listings in the P&SB. In the past there were indications or hints in their obituaries of having fought against addictions or heath issues. That doesn't appear now. More and more middle-aged people dying unexpectedly.

Just something you might want to be aware of as you talk to people in and out of this area.

Of course, YMMV, along with the usual disclaimers.

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The head of the pathology department at the German University of Heidelberg, Peter Schirmacher, states that his department has performed autopsies on 40 individuals that died within two weeks of having received a Covid-vaccine. Schirmacher states that 30-40% of these deaths have been caused by the vaccine.

Original article, in German:


Google Translate version:


More study, of course, is needed.

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1 hour ago, 27 Time World Champions said:

Arrest the Unvaccinated!



It looked like most of people who signed were women. Sorry you couldn't see my jaw dropped watching. So embarrassing.

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(Please bookmark and make note of this post for future reference)

As more and more of the previously-mentioned vaccine side effects identified by doctors, scientists and researchers around the world become more prevalent, such as:

  1. Compromised or completed destroyed immune systems
  2. Damaged and destroyed red blood cells, affecting delivery of oxygen to the vital organs and the brain
  3. blood clots, causing heart attacks and strokes

these will all be suddenly attributed by Fauci, the CDC and other "experts" as being caused by the new dangerous variants of the Covid virus.

It's the virus, and nothing else.

Because, after all, "the vaccines are completely safe."

Which is why everyone MUST be vaccinated. And take their third booster shots.

Which, of course, will cause even more damage.

And so the endless cycle will continue.

Until most everyone is dead.

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2 hours ago, Bo Marsh said:

And, on the other side of the coin, you can read the testimonies from over 250 people (and growing) who took the vaccine, had their bodies and their lives permanently destroyed, and are begging people NOT to take it:


Everyone should listen to and evaluate all evidence and information and use critical thinking to make the decision that makes the most sense to them.

Critical thinking.

Something that is in very short supply these days.


BTW, that guy in the New York Post — it would be interesting to know if his doctors are using all available tools at their disposal to treat him. Or do they still consider drugs such as "H" and "I" off limits. Especially since his condition "has steadily deteriorated over the past weeks."


I see they may put him on a ventilator.

Hmmm, they can then bill $39,000.  Ka-ching!

Maybe his doctors should consult with Dr. Varone in Houston, and implement his MATH+ protocol. (See my July 30 post on Page 9 of this thread.)


Also interesting is that, despite many, many thousands dying every year from the seasonal flu, we never saw heart-wrenching stories that went into graphic detail of their suffering, begging people to take traditional flu shots.

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Swedish Professor says:

"After receiving the second dose, the immune response slowly subsides. Within a year, many may have lost their protection. We do not know yet, but if you get a third dose, it will be activated again", he mused. "Biology says that a fading immune response is not unlikely. Then it's time for a third, fourth, maybe fifth dose".

In other words, it doesn't work. That's why you need even more of it.

And the people who don't want the vaxx are considered the crazy ones?



Like that line from the movie Regarding Henry:

"I gotta get me some of that!"

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I'm ok so far. Thanks for asking, But I have read the vac. diminishes at 4 - 6 months. Coming up on 4 months Sept.

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WASHINGTON — Top public health officials are warning about an alarming rise in coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths, figures that represent a bitter setback in the fight to end the pandemic.

“Across the board, we are seeing increases in cases and hospitalizations in all age groups,” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky said during a Thursday briefing by the White House pandemic response team. She noted that as of Monday, a full 83 percent of all counties in the U.S. were experiencing “substantial or high” transmission of the coronavirus, a trend driven almost entirely by the virus’s Delta variant.

The discouraging news is a refutation to earlier, rosier predictions. “From the beginning, we have known that this virus is unpredictable,” White House pandemic response coordinator Jeff Zients said on Thursday, though he argued that the administration’s “relentless” vaccination push was showing fresh signs of progress.

The coronavirus has shown a frustrating resilience. New variants of the pathogen could extend the pandemic into 2022.

It was supposed to be over by now.

“We’ll Have Herd Immunity by April,” went the headline of a Wall Street Journal op-edpublished on Feb. 18, 2021. Vaccines were just becoming widely available, and the winter surge appeared to be subsiding. “There is reason to think the country is racing toward an extremely low level of infection,” predicted the article’s author, Dr. Marty Makary, a cancer surgeon at Johns Hopkins.

Like most other predictions about the pandemic, this one turned out to be incorrect. It is now August, and while things are not nearly as bleak as they were throughout most of 2020, the more transmissible Delta variant has prolonged the pandemic, scuttling visions of a nationwide summer reopening.

“We are backsliding,” says Dr. Leana Wen, the former health commissioner of Baltimore, “when we could be putting the pandemic behind us through vaccination.”

There are, to be sure, reasons for optimism, including when it comes to inoculation rates that had been stagnant for weeks. On Thursday, Zients revealed that 864,000 people had been vaccinated on Wednesday, the highest number since July 3. Notably, he said that vaccinations had increased in Georgia, Oklahoma and Tennessee, where infections have recently soared.

Rochelle Walensky, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), attends a Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearing at the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C., U.S., July 20, 2021. (Stefani Reynolds/Pool via Reuters)
CDC Director Rochelle Walensky at a Senate hearing in Washington, D.C., on July 20. (Stefani Reynolds/Pool/Reuters)

“Clearly, Americans are seeing the impact of being unvaccinated and unprotected,” Zients said at the press briefing. The vaccines continue to be exceptionally effective in protecting against severe disease and death. On the rare occasions when the coronavirus does break through the protections the vaccines offer, the resulting bout of COVID-19 tends to be mild.

Overall, only 49.9 percent of all Americans are fully vaccinated, according to the CDC. That figure doesn’t account for those who have natural immunity from having fought off COVID-19, developing antibodies in the process. Nor is the vaccine approved yet for children under 12, though they tend to become ill much more rarely than do adults.

That means the reprieve that began in spring is just about over. During the Thursday briefing, Walensky said that the seven-day average of cases had risen sharply to 89,463 new cases per day, an increase of 43.3 percent over the previous reporting period. Only two months ago, the nation finally saw a day with fewer than 10,000 new cases — and a weekly average of fewer than 15,000 new cases.

There couldn’t be a clearer sign that things were improving. But what should have been a turning point turned out to be a brief spell of calm. Soon after that dip, cases started rising again, just as some epidemiologists predicted they would if more people did not become vaccinated and communities cast off all restrictions.

Even more worrying than rising case rates are a 41.1 percent increase in the seven-day average of new hospitalizations last week, as compared to the week ending on June 26, and a 39.3 percent rise in deaths during roughly the same period. There is now an average of 381 coronavirus deaths per day. Deaths fell below 300 per day in June, but, like infection rates, have risen since then.

Rachel Steury receives a COVID vaccine on August 05, 2021 at a clinic in Springfield, Missouri. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
Rachel Steury receives a COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday at a clinic in Springfield, Mo. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

For much of the summer, the nation appeared to be in a post-pandemic mindset, even as Delta was already spreading. “President Biden absolutely declared a victory too soon,” Wen recently told Yahoo News, referring to his July 4 address on “our independence from a deadly virus.”

Those remarks came after a spring that saw more than 100 million Americans vaccinated. As vaccination rates continued to climb, the public and many elected leaders appeared to exhale and relax.

That looks to have been a mistake.

In mid-May, the CDC announced that vaccinated people no longer needed to wear masks. Right around that time, the most cautious regions of the United States announced that they would be lifting the last restrictions on activities like indoor dining and concerts.

The pandemic appeared to be over. “It is time to resume normal life,” wrote social critic Yascha Mounk.

Already, though, a new variant of the coronavirus was on its way. Delta had first been identified in India and had spent much of the spring proliferating through the United Kingdom, where it delayed reopening plans.

Top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci responds to accusations by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., as he testifies before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, July 20, 2021. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo)
Dr. Anthony Fauci testifies before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee on Capitol Hill on July 20. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

“We cannot let that happen in the United States,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the president’s top science adviser, said on June 8, referring to the rapid spread of Delta in the U.K.

Early studies indicated that the Delta variant had features that made it more transmissible than other variants of the coronavirus. Still, vaccines were highly effective — and continue to be. Public health officials have said over and over that vaccinations are the only effective endgame against the virus.

Of course, for vaccines to be effective, they have to be injected into arms. Despite a bevy of incentives from federal, state and local officials, Americans lost interest in the vaccination drive with the arrival of warmer weather. A flood of misinformation about the vaccines also appears to have hurt the effort. Even offers of free booze and guns failed to persuade the recalcitrant.

The last time more than a million people were vaccinated on a single day was June 11, according to the CDC. By then, vaccination rates had been in a steady decline since early April, when more than 3 million people were being vaccinated daily. Doses were coveted, sending some people hunting for shots.

Healthcare workers treat a patient inside a negative pressure room in the Covid-19 intensive care unit (ICU) at Freeman Hospital West in Joplin, Missouri, U.S., on Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2021. (Angus Mordant/Bloomberg via Getty Images)
Health care workers treat a COVID-19 patient in the intensive care unit at Freeman Hospital West in Joplin, Mo., on Tuesday. (Angus Mordant/Bloomberg via Getty Images) More

Now that the Delta variant has made landfall, people are eager to get vaccinated again. But it takes as long as two weeks for a fully immunized person to develop antibodies against the coronavirus, and people now receiving their first shot of the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer or Moderna will need to wait several weeks before receiving a second shot, without which there is little protection against Delta.

Nothing can be done about these waiting periods, meaning that the coronavirus will continue to spread for much of August, even as governors like Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas have resisted mask mandates that would offer an added layer of protection.

Earlier this week — about a month later than hoped — the nation reached President Biden’s goal of immunizing 70 percent of American adults. Yet experts now believe that about 80 percent of the population has to be vaccinated (or retain natural immunity from a previous COVID-19 illness) to achieve herd immunity.

The picture today is notably more bleak than it was a month ago, when the end of the pandemic seemed to be near. “We’re closer than ever to declaring our independence from a deadly virus,” Biden said during a White House event on July 4.

Now, suddenly, independence feels more distant. There are fears of new lockdowns, of schools reverting to Zoom, of weddings and vacations canceled. There are debates over eviction moratoriums and travel restrictions. Masks are back. So are worries about just how long this pandemic will last. For at least a little while longer, it seems.





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