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"It's Perfectly Normal" — Teaching ALL FORMS OF SEX To 5- and 6-Year Olds

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OK, so let's begin by checking out this book, available on Amazon:


Select both the Hardcover and Kindle editions, and review "Look Inside" to see the "interesting" and graphic pictures.

The book is intended for ages 10 and up. But schools are promoting teaching it and its concepts — like anal sex and masturbation — to five-year-olds.


This is not going over well with some parents.

Of course, the enlightened school boards are trying to purge this outdated, puritanical thinking.

Because they know better.


Here's one mother in Illinois, with her entire speech:


Here's an abbreviated version, with better quality audio and video:



Then there is this unhappy mother:



And finally, another clip about a film shown to 1st graders on how to pleasure oneself:


Remember how we used to teach children to be leery of strangers? How they were probably sexual predators?

Well now, we teach kids that this is all perfectly normal. And how to do it properly with others.

Next they'll be recruiting for NAMBLA in the schools.

Welcome to the new Sodom and Gomorrah.

I've lived too long.

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