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Mike & Nadine Korchak LOVE BCVOICE! Read the THANK YOU CARD they sent Garo!

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Dearest Nadine and da. And children 
I don’t know ur worthless husband or u but he has effected my life more than anyone, besides the mayor, and Ive met him once at a park. not only would broome county be better off without hiM but the world. I want him to stop effecting my life TODAY AND DO HIS JOB. He is the gate keeper for a sex coercion ring/ serious criminal ring using the informants and Tarik for the mayors stalking,  Cornwell slammed the door shut on. I am the sickest of the ur criminal husband fake as fuck da. If he wasn’t da, this wouldn’t of happened to my life and family’. for years. Cornwell did his job. Your blow up doll hub  undid what Cornwell did his first day there. I sent him to investigations. Has he learned NADINE?  No. I’m sending him again then. THIS WEEK. 👏 

when ur idiot husband  came to my house to tell me I wasn’t under arrest for extorting the mayor (instead of helping me and helping everyone)the da office told me “THE BRIBE DIDNT HAPPEN FROM THR MAYOR TO UR PARENTS” and the das office also told me “THE MAYOR DIDNT FORCE U INTO SEX WITH HIM”  10x and banged his arm like mis-medicated child. I have it recorded!! DO U WANT TO SEE? We were Laughing at ur husband and his “lead investigators” trying to gaslight me and lie for the mayor: and SILENCE ME ONCE AGAIN..this was the only time they have helped with this year long issue.  I’m sorry were u there da? Cause yes it did too happen.  It’s called sexual coercion , payment refusal and torturous interference. And YES IT DID. FOR A YEAR. I didn’t want to sleep with the mayor. I WAS FORCED TO CAUSE UR HUB REFUSES TO DO HIS JOB. 
ur husband Nadine, made this possible, Cornwell had stopped it. Ur hub keeps it up to yesterday and even again today. 

those cards won’t help ur husbands career, reputation or image. He’s the worst da in history and everyone knows it. Remind  ur mans, Das are not supposed to be pitiful, weak, take it lyin down, sex crimes phanatics, and stupid politician arresting tyrants. I hope the mayor does what ur husband allowed him to do to me to ur daughters.

#financialrapering #freecornwell 

happy holidays 

love emily


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Here’s what korchak did his first day as da. 
he closed my orchestrated sexual harassment and felony stalking file on the mayor/Tarik. Cornwell’s inv and I  spent months on n I finally had protections for 3 days until korchak took office. Then it’s gotten 10000x worse. Please note: TA = RD. U willl see Ta and his family work for the mayor and da. the mayor always blames ta for his own crimes, who knew?. #refundthepolice


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