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Rep. Tenney to Newsmax: Allowing Noncitizens to Vote in NYC Undermines Democracy

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The bill referred to as "Our City, Our Vote" would give non-citizens, roughly 800,000 of which reside in New York City, the right to vote in local elections. The bill is expected to be approved on Dec. 9 by the New York City Council. Mayor-elect Eric Adams says he supports the bill. But not all are on board. Recently during a radio interview, outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio decried the bill, saying that it "has to be decided at state level, according to state law."


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GOP Threatens to Sue NYC Over Decision to Let Noncitizens Vote

The RNC tweeted on Friday: "New York City just decided to let 900k non-citizens vote in city elections. This is an unprecedented attack on election integrity and we are reviewing our legal options to ensure it doesn’t stand."

The tweet from the GOP came after the Democrat-controlled city council approved the measure on Thursday.


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