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Found 1 result

  1. ginger


    As most of you know, I love to shop. Tiny out of the way second hand stores...any local fare where ever I am, farmers markets, farm stands...just leave the money in the can..I always leave more. Clothes shopping, grocery shopping...car shopping, house in Tampa shopping for maybe, just in case...BARGAIN SHOPPING, MY FAVORITE. I love going to Valvoline and getting my oil and transmission fluid changed, and yes I'll take the gas tank additive for $20 bucks because I get an extra 4 miles per gallon which saves me on fuel. But I'm done. If I can't get in your store without walking the length of a football field I'm not shopping your store any more. This means Wegmans, Walmart and Price Chopper. I'm at the store at the crack of dawn, sometimes the first person in the store. My back is shot, I've worked all night. I don't qualify for a handicapped sticker...by the time I get in the store I don't WANT to shop. I want to get what I need instead of what I want and all of the fun is taken out of it. If I just wanted to purchase what I need I can shop at smaller grocers all over NY state in small towns like Moravia and not have to walk so far. Last week I wanted to go to Wegmans because my daughter sent me a gift card for Easter that I was saving for when I came home from vacation. I was there around 8am and couldn't get a parking spot because they're doing construction. I went to the farthest end of the lot, thought I found a spot, turned in and there was a sign "15 minute parking for bottle return only" So done with this. As for Price Chopper. I picked up a copy of the Press specifically to look at the ad. Everything that is on sale that I actually need you have to have an app for, No more coupons. I just had a $900 Verizon bill. I'm not adding anything to this phone and really I don't have time to play around with my phone. I want to look at the ad, make my menu and grocery list and shop. I resent the amount of time these stores including CVS are taking out of my life. CVS keeps sending me 30% off coupons saying they want me back as a customer..sorry but you made it too hard to shop your store. You put stuff on sale in your ad on SUNDAY and when I show up on MONDAY the product isn't there, I HAVE COUPONS AND THE SELF SERVICE TRIES TO RIP ME OFF EVERY TIME SO A MANAGER HAS TO COME FIX IT. Done with that too. I don't have that kind of time AND I'M SICK OF BEING AGGRAVATED