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Chandler Jones wants to keep his brother out of the Super Bowl

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Article on usatoday.com




FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – The Baltimore Ravens have one less fan in this year's rematch of the AFC Championship game.


Having just finished his junior season at Syracuse University in January 2012, Chandler Jones rooted in vein at his family's Endicott, N.Y. home as the Ravens failed to advance to the Super Bowl following a 23-20 heartbreaking loss to the New England Patriots.


He won't feel quite as bad if Baltimore loses again this year.


Now a 22-year-old rookie starting defensive end for the Patriots, Jones hopes his oldest brother Arthur, a third-year defensive lineman for the Ravens, ends his season in Gillette Stadium for the second year in a row.


"It's fortunate to have the opportunity to play against my brother," Jones said. "But it all boils down to us trying to win and achieve that goal."


For the Patriots' 2012 first round pick to help the team do that, he'll need to heal from an ankle injury he suffered in last Sunday's divisional playoff win over Houston. Jones, who had six sacks in the regular season, has been limited at practice all week and is currently listed as questionable for Sunday's game. He vows that he'll do "everything I possibly can" to play, which is expected from someone who grew up as the youngest in a trio of rough-housing brothers.


Jon Jones, the current UFC light heavyweight champion, is the middle brother between Arthur and Chandler and will be joining several other family members at his younger brother's home this weekend.


"I haven't asked him [who he'll be rooting for]," Chandler Jones said. "I told him what I just told you guys. I just want to win."


Their impending matchup on the field hasn't kept Arthur and Chandler from talking this week. Both siblings acknowledge they've spoken a few times, although their accounts differ on the level of trash talking that has occurred.


"I know he got rolled up bad last week, so I was trying to figure out if he was going to play or not and get the inside scoop," Arthur Jones told reporters Wednesday. "But he's doing a good job not telling me anything."

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