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Found 1 result

  1. I finally found my way to John Solaks twitter. I'm not on twitter but they let me read anyway. He posted about BU health services preparing for the potential Corona Virus. Is it true BU has a sister school in Wuhan? I've mentioned several times the castle on the hill would be an ideal place for flu treatment. It keeps infected people out of their regular doctors offices. If everyone who had infectious symptoms would just report to one place for treatment instead of spreading their germs all over...and you could put a few beds up there for those who become gravely ill. Julio was my first boyfriend. His bedroom window was 2 buildings to the left on the fourth floor. I could see it from my backyard because he lived the next block down. Actually I could see it from my own room but the fire escape was in the way. We had everything in common for 4th graders. We played chess,watched Abbott and Costello and wrote plays. I had the Wizard of Oz album and we completely abridged and rewrote the script. Once in a while I would stand in our court yard and yell "JULIOOOO, JULIOOOO" His father would come to the the window. "Can Julio come out?" No! He has to go to mass! We went to 9 o'clock mass but Julio's family went to 10:30 spanish mass. Good thing Abbott and Costello didn't come on until noon. He's the king of Corona...
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