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Stephen Donnelly defaults on his home mortgage

Exodus 20:17

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1 hour ago, Exodus 20:17 said:

Stephen J. Donnelly has defaulted on his home mortgage: 20 Mountain Brook Dr, Vestal, NY 13850.

Donnelly has been sued 5 times since 10/13/2023 by 5 separate funding companies out of kings county all for the same allegation of changing checking accounts. Damages if found in court to be true adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

It’s a matter of time before these companies take a lien out on his home. 

His construction company is also being sued three times by three separate parties including home goods or home central out of Tioga county and his construction company also has a judgement by dirienzo construction for 13k.

The Osbornes have sued Atlas James construction (donnelly’s company)

Donnelly was penalized $220 on 10/30/23 for not paying his property taxes which have now inflated to $11k and school taxes on his property is over $17k


its despicable that he goes on Bob Joseph’s radio show and claims that he paid his property taxes, which looks to be untrue based on public information


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