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DA Battisti reflects on first 100 days in office

Tom Forman

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Guest Viewpoint: Battisti's first 100 days as Broome County’s District Attorney

F. Paul Battisti, Broome County's District Attorney, outlines his successes during his first three months in the position.

The first 100 days in office have been both exhilarating and challenging. Stepping into this role comes with immense responsibility, a duty to serve justice, uphold the law, and advocate for the safety and well-being of our community.

Beginning from day one, my administration has been dedicated to fostering trust, fairness, and accountability within the criminal justice system. To cultivate trust within the community and among victims, it is imperative to ensure that cases are prosecuted fairly and within the legally permitted timeframe. One of our top priorities is increasing discovery compliance by establishing protocols facilitating the seamless exchange of information with local law enforcement. This is underway and we are already witnessing and experiencing the benefits.

The office of the Broome County District Attorney has:

Launched an innovative diversion program aimed at addressing the root cause of crime and reducing recidivism. The Motivation to Change program (MTC) represents an example of proactive, collaborative, and a compassionate alternative to jail for offenders suffering from substance use disorder. By offering rehabilitation over incarceration for non-violent offenders, we're not only promoting fairness but also striving for long-term positive societal impact.

Improved our support for domestic violence victims by introducing a Domestic Violence Education Panel in partnership with Crime Victims Assistance Center, Broome County Probation and The Family Violence Prevention Council. This panel aims to inform individuals who have committed domestic violence offenses about the consequences of their actions, hold them accountable for their behavior, and to offer alternative ways to manage their emotions without resorting to violence.

Spearheaded initiatives to address the systemic issues surrounding youth violence in our community. We're collaborating with diverse community organizations to create supportive programs tailored for at-risk youth.The journey toward transformative change is ongoing, and challenges persist. Despite daily obstacles such as discovery reform and bail reform, our office remains resolute in overcoming them, with community support, to enact meaningful change.

The keys to success in all our endeavors are a dedicated team of professionals and the vast collaboration we are finding with our community partners.

In the coming months, to enhance our work, I will prioritize a robust recruitment campaign. The recruitment of prosecutors is pivotal in safeguarding public safety within the criminal justice system. Prosecutors stand as guardians of the public, tasked with delivering justice and advocating for the rights of victims. A capable and diverse team of prosecutors is essential in addressing the complex and constantly evolving challenges that communities face, including the crimes that afflict them.

The first 100 days as District Attorney have been marked by progress, challenges, and an unwavering commitment to change. While much work lies ahead, I'm confident that by staying true to our principles and working collaboratively with the community, we can build a justice system that reflects our values of fairness, accountability, and compassion. By remaining steadfast in our commitment to justice, we can pave the way for a brighter and safer future for all.

F. Paul Battisti is the Broome County District Attorney.


This was on pressconnects today.  I applaud DA Battisti, he brought much needed change to the DA's office.  Everyone, from those in law enforcement and social services, victims of crimes, and member of the public, saw Mike Korchak run that office into the ground.  I can't imagine how much work it's taken to get that office back up and running.  I recall a TV interview with Korchak a few years ago, where he said he barely knew how to use a computer.  In this digital era, having a DA who can't use a computer, let alone a man who is corrupt and dishonest like Korchak, compromised the safety of everyone in Broome County.

Thank you to Mr. Battisti and his staff for putting in the hard work.  We needed it!

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