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Will the Old, Cheap, Yankees make a run in 2013?

27 Time World Champions

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Hank and Hal would rather breathe than win


Both Jeter and Mo are coming off serious injuries at their advanced ages


A-Rod, his bad hip and ridiculous contract are a dark cloud hanging over the Bronx


Swish-A-Licious, Chavez, Raul and Russell Martin are gone


Is 2 years too many for Ichiro?


Pineda was a fat, drunk in 2012. Will he be a factor in 2013?


Should the Yanks trade the farm for Giancarlo Stanton?


Will Austin Romine be the starting catcher on Opening Day?


Does Brian Cashman have a blockbuster deal in the works?


Is Youk shot or will he shoot Joba?


Do the old guys have 1 more run in them?

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Guest Lou Pinella

Call me the ultimate optimist, I think the Yanks have 1 more run in them and will shock some people this year. Lots of pieces have to fall into place but the starting pitching and bullpen is more than capable. This team almost reminds me of the NY Knicks. Lots of old, proven guys who know how to get the job done. I wouldn't hit the panic button just yet. I think they finally understand with Papa George gone that they need to build up their farm system rather than trade it away. Cashman still scares the crap out of me. Especially last postseason when it came out him and Girardi made out the starting lineup. That alone should have Yankee fans in a tizzy.

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