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Where does the 2012 ME Football Team Rank All-Time?

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Actually, M-E 2012 would wipe the turf with U-E 1979 and it would not even be close.


Fact of the matter is, today's players a bigger, faster and stronger than 30+ years ago. M-E 2012 beats U-E's 1979 team in all three of those categories.


It's like comparing this year's Super Bowl winner to say, the 1967 Green Bay Packers. The Pack would be destroyed because today's athletes are just far and away superior to that era. Same goes at the HS level. Same goes with most sports at all levels. Records now blow away records then. Whether it be swimming, track & field, Olympics, whatever.


Compare the rosters of M-E 2012 with U-E 1979, compare the sizes, knowing they ARE faster now and ARE stronger, the game is over by mid-3rd quarter.



Dream on. The big schools like U.E. Vestal and Ithaca used to graduate over 600 kids in 79. It was much tougher to earn a spot on all varsity sports back then. More players to pick from = better players.

back in the day U.E. had kickers like Marsh79 Rejda, and Fiori who could regulary kickoff into the endzone. How come these bigger and stronger kids can't do that? U.E. football players lifted weights in 79, this is not a modern concept.

M.E. is in no way faster then 79. Norris, Bucci, Koban, Marsh, and Beddoe beat any 5 2012 M.E. in a relay. 79 players were champs in the 100, 200, 440 and hurdles during the track season. M.E. was not bigger then 79. The D1 defensive ends for U.E. were six feet four 250 and all muscle. Koban was a much better QB then Gallagher. M.E. has a lot of guys going both ways. U.E. had one. This years U.E. team was mediocre at best. They had rookies starting in 6 of the 7 up front defesnive positions. Two of the front four on defense were 180 pounds. M.E. led U.E. 14-0 at halftime. U.E. dropped two td passes in the end zone or it might have been 14 - 14. U.E. 79 would have annialated this years U.E. team.

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Coleman was a basketball player, he never played football at little Mass. Koban and Villanti started at Syracuse. Koban was among the national leaders in punt returns as well as playing safety. Tatko played at wake Forrest, Syracuse and almost made the Dallas Cowboys. Beddoe went to Rutgers. Bucci went to Colgate. Norris was a Junior that year and broke his leg his senior year or he might have played D1. Another guy went to Temple. Another went to Northeastern. Marsh I think went to someplace like Colgate, I don't remember. All in all something like 19 guys from that team played college football. The tight end had a D1 baseball scholarship. U.E. was much bigger, faster, smarter, had a better QB by far and a better kicker. Binghamton had more guys going both ways and that would have worked against them.. All Binghatmon had was some guys who COULD have played D1 football. U.E. had 8 guys who actually did. The U.E. basketball team was no slouch either that year. They had three guys who got scholarships to Big East schools. They lost a heartbreaker in the States to Mt. Vernon that had the McCray brothers on the team, NBA players. Binghamton did not play anybody of that caliber that year. The next year that team came back with most of its players and got spanked by Kenny Anderson.


This has been debated ad nauseam throughout the years on BCVoice and it's all in good fun. The last thread totaled 20+ pages and I'll dig it up just for sh*ts and giggles, but lets get some facts straight. Rick Coleman received a scholarship to UMASS to play football and later attended Buffalo to play basketball with Robbie Middlebrooks. One of these days, I'll post some pics of the 1985/1986 BHS Football and Basketball teams. Just comparing the BHS guys to the '79 UE guys, you can see the difference from 25-30 year old photos. Guys like Rice, Coleman, Marshall, Mack, etc... could have matched up with anybody in the country.


The basketball team beat the famed, NYC Lincoln team 79-61 in 1986 to win the state title. That Lincoln team upset Kenny Anderson's team to make it to the final against BHS. Saying that BHS didn't play anybody of any caliber that year is like saying the Giants won the SuperBowl because it was a down year in the NFL. If you're talented enough to make it to the title game in New York State, you have an incredibly talented team. 3 players from that team went on to play D1 basketball. Not sure what became of Tolerson. He was the weak link on that team. A lot of talent, but pissed and moaned like a little girl. During football season, he should have been a cheerleader.


2 great teams this area will sadly never see again (although I'm hopeful). Too bad this debate will never be settled on the field or basketball court. Neither guy on either team will say they'd lose. That's just sports and athletes.

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Guest Big Dog

I think the big difference from yesteryear and now is the classification and student body. UE in 79 played large schools but also local schools. UE was dominant in all the games. Though there was not a state playoff, UE showed clearly they were the best team on the field.


ME was dominant in 2012. But most of ME games were against small schools (like themselves) but as great of a team they were, they did play small schools. Their only larger school was UE and the fate of the game was not decided until the 4th quarter. And UE had potential scoring opptysmn that game but they did not put points on the board. In 79, UE had size and speed to play with any school and considering High schools had classes that averaged over 600 per class, that was a feat. Both teams dominated their seasons but UE of 79 dominated large schools while ME dominated small schools.

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